OpenGround Cloud

Look Below the Surface in Your Infrastructure Digital Twin

The Foundation for your Digital Twin

Enable more informed decision-making for timely adjustments that support safer solutions.


Advance Digital Workflow

Work with intelligent data that integrates into the full context of the design. Provide dynamic visualizations and standardised enterprise reporting using trusted data. Increase collaboration throughout a connected geotechnical data lifecycle.

Centralize Data Management

Maintain an accessible single source of truth for all your geotechnical project data. Save time, collect, and synchronize while on site. Control access to federated data across distributed teams and the wider supply chain.

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Benefit One, Benefit Two, Benefit Three, And Benefit Four

Data Integrity, Ground to Cloud

OpenGround is a secure, enterprise extensible platform solution for geotechnical information management. Improve collaboration among all contributors who utilize subsurface digital context, for timely data-informed decisions, on infrastructure digital twins.

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Enable Digital Twins

Integrate accurate, high quality geotechnical data, enabling more informed decision-making and providing the foundation for subsurface infrastructure digital twins.

Leverage Extensible Platform

Future proof your data and integrate with internal systems and third-party applications to drive efficiency and increase the value of geotechnical data.

Leverage a fully managed and scalable cloud platform to meet security and compliance requirements with active monitoring, automated backups, and robust disaster recovery.

Ready to say no to disparate data? Start Now.