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process industry digital twins

Digitální dvojčata pro zpracovatelský průmysl

PlantSight umožňuje organizacím provozovat, udržovat a modernizovat zpracovatelské technologické celky za účelem zvýšení výkonnosti aktiv a snížení provozních nákladů prostřednictvím každodenního využívání a aktualizace důvěryhodných informací o technologickém celku. Zažijte okamžik poznání díky spolupráci v pohlcujícím digitálním prostředí a získejte ze svých dat nedocenitelné poznatky, které vám umožní činit rychlá a správná rozhodnutí v oblasti údržby, spolehlivosti, výroby a inženýrství.


PlantSight, který pro zpracovatelský průmysl společnými silami vyvinuli společnosti Siemens a Bentley, sdružuje všechna vaše data a informace o technologickém celku, uvádí je do kontextu a zajišťuje jejich ověření a vizualizaci. Systém transformuje nezpracovaná data na jedno kompletní digitální dvojče.
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Cloudové služby
  • Aggregation Services

    • Combine your engineering information from Excel, piping and instrumentation diagrams, and 3D models from multiple different software packages to build your digital twin. Consolidate engineering information into a defined, consistent format. Incorporate and interoperate with engineering models from Bentley, Siemens, and third-party sources, such as:
      • AVEVA (PDMS/E3D/P&ID)
      • Hexagon (Smart3D, SmartPlant P&ID)
      PlantSight ensures alignment with schema and mapping services. Once aggregated, PlantSight maintains a history of change and allows you to move backward in time to visualize models at any point in time.
  • Change Management Services

    • The system maintains a timeline of changes that captures how, when, and by whom engineering data has changed. Always know you have trustworthy data on which you can confidently make informed decisions—view change history graphically or in data format. Determine the impact of any change to ongoing operations.
      • Process engineers can easily spot potential operational problems and consider solutions with peace of mind knowing that they are always working with good quality data, knowing how, when, and by whom engineering data has changed.
      • Operators see current as-operated data and can understand what field changes were made and what engineering decisions were made in the past – and why.
      • Maintenance and reliability engineers can spot trends and bad actors easily – and resolve them earlier. They can see what engineering changes were made in the past, view asset condition degradation trends, look up past inspection and work history to troubleshoot problems with confidence that the data is accurate.
  • Collaborative Engineering Services

    • Manage tags and data to ensure you have trustworthy and actionable information on which you can confidently make informed decisions. You can maintain a view that captures how, when, and by whom the digital twin was changed.

      PlantSight supports seamless integration with OpenPlant (and vice versa). OpenPlant users can leverage PlantSight to support distributed teams, utilize component-based workflows, and track and manage changes. Deliver a digital twin for all of your projects consistent and up-to-date engineering information across the design phase with continuous handover into operations.
  • Project and Asset Analytical Services

    • PlantSight enables you to see the plant process and machine performance as part of a digital twin. You can view dashboards and create filtered information views based on operational and maintenance information, such as current asset health, operating status, or inspection dates.

      Create dashboards and view analytics for a single project and asset, or across multiple projects and assets. Not only can you investigate performance, but you can also act based on informed insights before disruptions occur.
  • Visualization Services

    • Visualize your assets in 3D and view the current production and equipment performance status of all sites and assets in a single consolidated dashboard view. View the engineering contexts of the asset, no matter the authoring application. Perform integrated cross-probing of 1D, 2D, and 3D information. Create issues, markups, and comments to assist with task planning for maintenance, repair, and overhaul operations.

      See change history graphically or in a data format. Determine the impact of any change to ongoing operations. Access associated documents, drawings, photos, as well as the reliability program, including the failure modes (hypothetical events), actual events driving alarms, and the work orders being executed in your EAM system.

      If you do not have 3D models of your assets, you can create them by adding Bentley’s reality modeling technology. You can capture the plant equipment using digital photography and laser scanning to create an accurate as-operated reality mesh of the plant as an additional context.

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