• CADDS Group

    Rio Tinto Iron Ore Sentry Guarding Project

    Dampier, Western Australia, Australia

Project Summary

    • CADDS Group Pty Ltd – Rio Tinto Iron Ore Sentry Guarding Project


Rio Tinto Iron Ore (RTIO) engaged CADDS Group to conduct a site-guarding audit for its mine and port facilities in Western Australia to identify hazards and design, construct, and install new guarding for high-risk areas. The estimated AUD 80 million project required CADDS to obtain existing plant information and documentation at all 17 sites and complete the guarding work within a 12-week plant shutdown cycle. Working on brownfield sites with dated infrastructure that needed to be upgraded, CADDS required a digital, standardized design approach to complete the project on time.


CADDS piloted its modular, standardized Sentry guarding system at RTIO’s Parker Point site in Dampier. Using ContextCapture and MicroStation, the team created millimeter-accurate as-built models of existing infrastructure from 3D laser scans, point clouds, and photogrammetric images captured on site. Importing the models into OpenBuildings Designer facilitated intelligent 3D design modeling, allowing adjustments within the model environment to meet the appropriate design standards. Bentley’s integrated design solution enabled CADDS to develop an innovative guarding solution that could be applied across all RTIO facilities and completed within the shutdown time periods.


Using Bentley’s integrated modeling applications enabled CADDS to install more than 12 separate guarding units at the pilot site without issue or postponement to the next shutdown cycle. Incorporating 3D laser scanning and point clouds into the model environment helped save 24 days in site investigation time across all 17 sites and more than AUD 100,000 of the total project value in site investigation costs. The standardized design solution developed using Bentley technology saved AUD 1.65 million on the pilot alone and is estimated to save more than AUD 20 million across all facilities.


MicroStation’s ability to manage dense point cloud data allowed CADDS to create and review as-built models against the design models in real time, saving the 12 weeks that are normally associated with installing modifications. Moreover, by using OpenBuildings Designer, CADDS was able to create custom components and attach them to the models for optimal design of the standard panels. Integrating ContextCapture with the point cloud technology made creating a reality mesh easier and further reduced site inspection costs. Bentley’s interoperable technology solution allowed CADDS to design, fabricate, and install the new guarding system on time and under budget.

Project PlaybookOpenBuildings™ Designer, AssetWise ALIM, ContextCapture, Descartes, MicroStation®, ProSteel, ProStructures 

  • Using Bentley’s modeling applications to implement a digital, standardized design solution enabled CADDS to save more than AUD 20 million and optimize workplace safety across 17 iron ore facilities in Western Australia.
  • ContextCapture, MicroStation, and OpenBuildings Designer helped achieve a 10% reduction in design and fabrication costs.
  • Bentley’s integrated technology solution facilitated data-centric, digital workflows to minimize errors and material waste, eliminate rework, and enable a more efficient construction process.
  • “Using a combination featuring ContextCapture and OpenBuildings Designer, we delivered this design, fabrication, and install on time and under budget.”

    Brendan Jarvis Systems and Processes Manager CADDS Group