Automation Systems for Remote Control, Operation, and Water Leak Management

    Rhodes, Greece

Project Summary


The Municipal Water and Sewerage Company of Rhodes (DEYAR) manages the water and sewerage network of Rhodes Island in Greece, which consists of 50 water wells that feed nine water tanks. The primary goal of this EUR 2.2 million project was to implement water leak control to improve pump efficiency through the cost-effective operation of the water pumps as well as to maximize the municipality’s water supply consumption.


AKATT installed a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system at the central control station for the remote control and operation of 71 local stations. WaterGEMS was used for modeling and simulation of the 309-kilometer water network. The Bentley software allowed AKATT to optimize the network, analyze water quality, control network behavior under extreme demand, analyze fire flow, and optimize pump operation.


The water leak detection and control, as well as the prompt repair of damaged pipes in the water network, reduced water loss, improved their service, and increased revenue for DEYAR. AKATT anticipates that WaterGEMS will be critical to future projects planned to extend the water distribution network, which currently serves approximately 32,000 customers as a result of this project.


AKATT’s challenge was the integration of software products (SCADA, data logger, maintenance, and water distribution modeling and management) on a common platform so the software could exchange data. WaterGEMS’ SCADAConnect module allowed data from the SCADA database to be imported into WaterGEMS, within a single, common environment.

  • The SCADAConnect module allowed data from the SCADA database to be imported into WaterGEMS.
  • The automated system of remote control, operation, and water leak management enabled DEYAR to improve service quality during peak demand in the summer tourist season.
  • “WaterGEMS is the most powerful simulation ‘gun’ for water distribution networks.”

    John Dimitropoulos Computer and Network Engineer AKATT S.A.