Extension of Ship Loading Capacity at Cereal Loading Port

    Nueva Palmira, Uruguay

Project Summary


Corporación Navíos SA, a shipping company that operates in the port of Nueva Palmira at the confluence of the Uruguay and Parana rivers, embarked on expanding its grain storage facility and tripling the loading capacity for ocean-going grain ships and the unloading capacity for river barges. ARQ-CHIA ESTUDIO was hired to design and construct structures to achieve this goal. With the project requiring a distributed workforce across several countries, it was necessary to exchange information remotely to meet project deadlines and specifications.


ARQ-CHIA ESTUDIO developed an innovative, cost-effective design to increase load capacity. Using Bentley software enabled the design team to evaluate different alternatives and select the one best suited to the established objectives. It also facilitated the design of a large-scale structure in terms of height, spans, and general size. Moreover, the structural engineering component was integrated with the industrial and mechanical engineering components from the beginning of the design process. All environmental requirements were taken into account, as this project affected the natural behavior of the Uruguay River.


With the expanded loading and unloading capacity of its grain storage plant, Corporación Navíos has increased productivity and reduced operating costs. The grain storage plant can now handle the increased volume of grain loading and unloading without forsaking safety. This has stimulated the local economy across all production sectors.


Bentley’s RAM Elements enabled the design team to develop highly accurate models, evaluate different alternatives, and select the best one to meet client requirements. Using RAM Connection designers produced the components for a large-scale structure in one country and assembled them in another with full transparency and control over the entire process. In addition, the software’s ability to handle several different codes allowed the design team to use the software in countries with different regulatory frameworks.

  • The accuracy of the virtual models enabled ARQ-CHIA ESTUDIO to reduce the high risks involved in transport and assembly processes.
  • ARQ-CHIA ESTUDIO successfully completed the project within a very limited timeframe.
  • The expanded loading and unloading capacity of the grain storage plant has increased productivity, reduced operating costs, and boosted the local economy.
  • “The constant development of Bentley software and the support available are an incomparable advantage in the end-to-end design of complex industrial engineering projects.”

    Enrique Luis Chiappini Structural Engineer Argentina