• Elia

    Pokročilý návrh rozvodny v řízeném prostředí

    Brusel, Belgie

Shrnutí projektu

    • Advanced Substation Design in a Managed Environment


To facilitate its 2013 “Smart Way of Working” paradigm and conform to corporate standards for lifecycle management, the high voltage engineering department of Belgium’s electricity transmission system operator, EIia, investigated new methods to improve engineering processes, documentation, and data consistency. As part of this over USD 270,000 project, the department needed to move 1.2 terabytes of information from a file-based server to a controlled and managed environment with internal and external accessibility. 


Elia adopted ProjectWise to establish an access-controlled, transparent, workflow-based environment. Using ProjectWise allowed Elia to transfer design changes rather than entire files, simplify status reports, and improve document control and file management. As part of its proof-of-concept initiative for lifecycle management and efforts to improve overall engineering processes, Elia used Descartes, Bentley Pointools, and MicroStation for modeling, optioneering, and geo-coordination. Bentley’s collaborative, interoperable software provided Elia an integrated approach to optimize productivity and reliability.


ProjectWise’s delta technology saved time and prevented data loss by transferring only design changes rather than entire files, improving productivity and reducing risk. The ability to implement custom workflows and specific access rights provides the department with unprecedented document control. These efficiencies are estimated to save USD 100,000 to USD 150,000 annually. Integrating Bentley modeling and analysis applications allows Elia to enhance collaboration, improve project resources and asset management, and optimize overall engineering processes in a managed environment to better sustain electrical power transmission.


Using ProjectWise enhances Elia’s management of data and reference files for DWG, DGN, and raster formats. The managed workflow capabilities ensure transparency and traceability to track changes, improve collaboration, and optimize document control. The ability to save file searches and workflow phases simplifies status reporting while the indexing functions of ProjectWise enhance data quality and accelerate information mobility. Bentley software facilitates the use of i-models and allows Elia to incorporate modeling, optioneering, geo-coordination, and point-cloud streaming into its asset and lifecycle management initiatives.

  • Elia used Bentley technology as part of its initiative to conform to corporate asset and lifecycle management standards, improving productivity while reducing risk.
  • Using the ProjectWise platform simplified and accelerated information searches, ensured traceability and access management, streamlined workflows, and provided unprecedented document control.
  • The delta file transfer technology in ProjectWise saved Elia time and prevented data loss transferring 1.2 terabytes of data on this USD 270,000 project.
  • ProjectWise supports Elia’s 2013 Smart Way of Working program enabling users to work from home securely, decreasing commute time and carbon footprint of the staff.
  • “Bentley’s engineering, design, and collaboration solutions help us daily to develop diversified, sustainable, and reliable power systems—spanning land and sea—enabling new possibilities.”

    Nicholas Tobbackx CAD Expert Elia