• Morphosis Architects

    Giant Interactive Group Corporate Headquarters

    Shanghai, China

Project Summary

Morphosis Architects designed the Giant Interactive Group (Giant) headquarters, located on the outskirts of Shanghai, China, as a compact campus to accommodate diverse functions within a flexible framework that integrated environment and site. To achieve the organic nature of the building with healthy environments for work, recreation, and social interaction for Giant staff, Morphosis required an integrated, 3D design process that allowed for exploration of complex architectural spaces, communication of design intent, and coordination of intricate building systems.

Bentley’s solutions provided the design team with the tools to achieve seamless integration of technology and innovation. Using Bentley Architecture and Structural Modeler (now AECOsim Building Designer), Morphosis designers created a detailed, 3D representation and full structural model of the project, allowing them to take a holistic view, and address singular building systems, simultaneously. This integrated information modeling provided the necessary framework for the design and construction teams to coordinate and communicate the delivery of the building.

Presenting models individually, and as an aggregate, provided collaborators with a comprehensive understanding of the project, eliminating uncertainties that lead to higher costs and construction delays. The federated model enabled design and construction teams to coordinate fabrication, installation, and construction. Using Bentley software, Morphosis adopted an integrated BIM approach that increased productivity and reduced the number of staff necessary for design, coordination, and delivery of the project.

Morphosis credits the success of its project to Bentley’s sophisticated information modeling platform that allows architects to explore complex 3D forms and intricate building systems that otherwise would have been impossible within a typical construction schedule. The integrated approach to design and detailed 3D modeling capabilities enabled designers to identify and communicate conflicts early, minimizing the need for costly field alterations and change orders.  With Bentley software, designers accurately documented geometry, providing fabricators with precise information to construct the building components on time and within budget.
  • The design team’s holistic approach ensured a timely and cost-effective realization of the project while maintaining integrity of the design intent.
  • Using Bentley software to facilitate an integrated 3D process enhanced coordination, increased productivity, and reduced the number of staff needed from design through delivery of the project.