• Susquehanna Civil Inc.

    Test Borings Logging Innovation Using Bentley gINT

    Pennsylvania, United States

Project Summary

Susquehanna Civil wanted to eliminate the creation of paper boring logs in the field, which then had to be faxed and entered into Bentley’s gINT in the office at a later time. To enable field workers to enter boring data directly into gINT onsite, Susquehanna Civil needed to provide the team with reliable, interoperable hardware and software products.

Susquehanna provided field workers with 10-inch Windows-based tablets loaded with gINT. Using the tablets, the workers generated gINT boring logs while onsite and emailed them back to the office for real-time review. Any errors or omissions are communicated back to the field inspectors to be addressed before leaving the job site.

Providing inspectors with access to gINT in the field reduced project delivery time, enhanced workflow, and improved quality of the boring logs, ultimately resulting in a cost savings for Susquehanna Civil’s clients. As a subconsultant to other design firms, Susquehanna Civil’s implementation of gINT in the field accelerated information sharing by allowing the transmission of boring logs as PDFs or actual gINT files directly to clients in an easily readable, professional format, within minutes rather than days.

Susquehanna Civil installed Bentley gINT on Windows-based tablets allowing field workers to generate boring logs from gINT and email them back to the office to be reviewed in real-time. Using gINT on tablets at the job site eliminated the need to type information from handwritten reports, reducing errors, and resulting in a savings of 1.5 labor hours per boring log. Bentley’s accurate, interoperable software enhanced collaboration, efficiency, and workflow and enabled Susquehanna Civil to streamline project communications.
  • Bentley’s collaborative, interoperable software accelerated information sharing and streamlined Susquehanna Civil’s project communications.
  • Providing field inspectors the ability to generate gINT logs enhanced workflow, improved quality of the logs, and saved significant time, ultimately realized as a cost savings for Susquehanna Civil’s project owners.
  • Susquehanna Civil eliminated the need for handwritten boring logs and data entry in the office by implementing gINT in the field on Windows-based tablets.
  • “Using gINT to log test borings on tablet PCs in the field has significantly improved the quality of our final drilling logs and test boring tracings by eliminating errors when entering data from handwritten logs. We are also able to review field logs and request clarifications more quickly simply by being able to email files between the field and office. In addition, we have been working with PennDOT on their development of standard gINT templates. This has allowed us to streamline the complete process from field to final tracings.”

    Kenneth Nadler Executive Vice President Susquehanna Civil Inc.