• Siberian Generation Company

    RCM2 at Siberian Generation Company

    Abakan, Khakassia and Barnaul, Altai Krai, Russia

Project Summary


In 2010, Siberian Generation Company worked with Aladon Network member Bellwood Systems Ltd. to pilot a plant reliability program at two plant sites. The project required that Bellwood analyze asset functions and failure modes, and rank these failure modes based on risk to devise an optimized maintenance plan for each asset. To manage and support the program, Bellwood relied on Bentley’s asset performance management software and Aladon Network’s reliability-centered maintenance (RCM2) methodology.


Bellwood developed the program by applying RCM2 and maintenance task analysis to 500 critical assets, devising the optimal maintenance program. Bentley’s AssetWise Performance Management (APM) software provided a cohesive, integrated approach necessary to manage and support the program.


The RCM2 and MTA analysis resulted in the identification of over 1,700 failure modes at the two plants. The project team determined the most common failure modes and the required maintenance tasks to minimize failures. Overall, the plant reliability program optimized plant maintenance and increased operational efficiency, improving asset reliability, reducing costs, and increasing production.


Bentley’s AssetWise APM asset performance management software provided a cohesive system to develop, implement, and manage Siberian Generation Company’s equipment reliability program and process. Using Bentley’s integrated asset management software, Bellwood implemented a complete solution for operational excellence enabling Siberian Generation Company to eliminate unexpected downtime, increase asset utilization, and meet quality, safety, and operational targets.

  • With a focus on reliability, Siberian Generation Company’s reduced its risk of critical equipment failure and maintenance costs without compromising safety, and increased operational efficiency.
  • Bellwood applied RCM2 and MTA to 500 critical assets, analyzing more than 1700 failure modes, and identifying the most common failures and the required maintenance tasks to minimize failures.
  • With RCM2 methodology implemented with Bentley’s AssetWise APM software, Siberian Generation Company’s plant reliability program optimized plant maintenance, improved asset reliability and reduced ownership costs.