• SimpsonHaugh and Partners

    One Blackfriars Road

    London, United Kingdom

Project Summary

Blackfriars Bridge is an important city axis across the River Thames into Southwark. SimpsonHaugh and Partners was charged with designing this major mixed-use development, which would include a 170-meter tower at the bridgehead that joins the sequence of landmarks located along the south bank of the river.
To achieve this, the team used innovative tools developed in-house and based upon the framework provided by their existing Bentley applications, including MicroStation and Bentley Architecture (now AECOsim Building Designer). In addition, they used bespoke parametric tools such as Bentley’s GenerativeComponents to set out the initial tower design. By integrating a parametric workflow within traditional BIM and 2D processes, the small design team investigated and resolved design issues and respond quickly to the aspirations and requests of the client.

The design team developed a stunning tower design that is unabashedly beautiful and a natural addition to the London skyline. They delivered an outstanding design with fewer people, in less time, and with fewer errors by pushing the boundaries of Bentley software.

Using Bentley software, the project team worked productively and challenged their own design to exceed client expectations. The parametric model created using GenerativeComponents allowed teams to virtually explore design solutions and options, as well as quickly calculate and produce visuals. This model was imported into Bentley Architecture for the production of general arrangement drawings and detailed schedules, as well to directly ‘draw,’ annotate, and dimension key tower elements. MicroStation was used to develop details and assembly drawings based on dynamic views extracted from the model.
  • SimpsonHaugh and Partners used parametric tools, including Generative Components, to quickly and virtually explore design solutions and options.
  • These tools allowed designers to quickly calculate and produce visuals – in just two days instead of weeks.
  • The result was an outstanding tower design created with fewer people, in less time, and with fewer errors by pushing the boundaries of Bentley software.