• Steuernagel Ingenieure GmbH

    Restoration of St. Leonhard’s Church

    Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany

Project Summary

Built in 1219, St. Leonhard’s Church and its integrated Saint Salvator chapel is one of the nine remaining endowment churches in Frankfurt, Germany. Recently, city authorities decided to return the church’s interior to its former neo-Gothic style after centuries of alterations. In addition, the floor was to be lowered after centuries of being raised to protect against flooding. To accomplish the transformation, current conditions had to be measured with an accuracy of +/- 1 centimeter.  

Because of the structural complexity, Steuernagel Ingenieure decided to use 3D laser scanning to create a detailed 3D model of the interior. Steuernagel Ingenieure used Bentley CloudWorx and MicroStation to manage and process the laser scan data with an accuracy of +/– 1 millimeter. This included 130 viewpoints, 17 billion laser scan points, and approximately 300 gigabytes of data from seven scanning phases.

The traditional method for surveying and documenting an old church was to manually measure the site. For a church the size of St. Leonhard’s this would have taken about a year. Steuernagel Ingenieure reduced the survey time to six weeks, and their approach streamlined workflows. Scans at various stages of construction were used to prepare various documents and drawings quickly and efficiently. A 3D model based on the laser scans was created using MicroStation and Bentley CloudWorx.

By using MicroStation and Bentley CloudWorx to manage the point-cloud data, Steuernagel Ingenieure was able to create the exact sectional drawings requested by the customer. Drawings for any part of the church can be produced quickly and economically. Use of Bentley software guaranteed a smooth workflow from laser scanning on location to preparation of various views, sections, and floor plans. In addition, the level of detail surpassed traditional survey methods at a reasonable cost.
  • Steuernagel Ingenieure reduced the survey time to six weeks, as opposed to the year it would have taken with traditional survey methods.
  • From the 3D model, drawings for any part of the church can be produced quickly and economically.
  • “Use of innovative Bentley software in conjunction with other applications enables creation of an informative database which also proves useful for subsequent generations.”

    Udo Bastian Steuernagel Ingenieure GmbH