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Looking for an amazing internship before starting your career?

Bentley Systems will not only offer you a stimulating professional setting to finish your student career, but also an ideal springboard for you to advance your skills.

Our Software Development Internship offers work on a variety of platforms where you can create, enhance, and maintain product lines as well as participate in the full lifecycle of development, from specification and design through implementation, test, and support. If you love software development, then this is the place for you!

Our focus may be on Software Development but we also offer internships in a variety of corporate functions including:




Human Resources


“Interning at Bentley last summer was such a great learning experience that I came back! Both years that I’ve interned have been wonderful. I came into these internships with no experience working on big teams or on large projects, but my mentors helped make me feel welcome. One of the best things about working here is that the mentors are always accessible, and you never feel abandoned.”

Maddie Whitesell
HR/Marketing Intern
Huntsville, AL

Hear from our Interns!


“In my two summers at Bentley, I've met so many friendly colleagues and have had the pleasure of working under a few great mentors. Working one-on-one and at my own pace with a mentor has been invaluable for improving my programming knowledge. My internship has been helpful in both allowing me to apply the skills I'm learning in college and exposing me to new skills that will be useful throughout my software development career."

Morgan Adrales
Software Development Intern
Kansas City, MO


“It has been a wonderful journey so far, be it with the tasks, the work environment or the colleagues. Being an intern, it was a great challenge to work on an ongoing project, with all new technologies and software development tools. I would proudly define my eight-week internship as a period of self-development and technical growth. Looking forward to coming back."

Pari Deshpande
Software Development Intern
Pune, India


“Even though my intern experience at Bentley has just started, it has been enjoyable, and I am confident that the benefits of this internship will be immense. The teams are connected, and the colleagues are supportive. Also, the mentors in my field are not only good teachers but also excellent career advisers. Furthermore, having the ability to talk with people all around the world just extends the advantages of working at Bentley. It has been an exceptional learning curve for me, and I am thankful for all the encouragement, motivation, and guidance that I have received from Bentley colleagues."

Rokas Pranevicius
Intern, Associate Software Quality Analyst
Vilnius, Lithuania

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We are actively recruiting at these top schools around the world 

Check with your school’s Career Fair directory to see if we are scheduled to attend an upcoming recruitment event. If we are not coming to your campus, please review our current openings here and apply online.

North America

University of Texas – Austin
University of Pittsburgh
Drexel University
Auburn University
University of Waterloo
Laval University


Vilnius University
Kaunas Technology University
EPITA, l'école des ingénieurs en
intelligence informatique.


KIT’s College of Engineering
College Of Engineering Pune
Pune Institute of Computer Technology
Cummins College of Engineering for Women

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