Driving Efficiency and
Multidiscipline Workflows
for Cities

Improve collaboration on all design and construction happening at campus or city scale

Cities, campuses, and the ecosystem–asset owners, government agencies,  and architects, engineers, and construction firms–all benefit from improved collaboration. Bentley’s open solutions are the standard for design helping everyone collaborate across disciplines, file formats, and distributed teams. With close collaboration, everyone can understand and communicate project information, optimize designs, and mitigate issues that may affect residents and businesses.


Reality modeling projects

ContextCapture and Orbit provide real-world digital context over the life of projects, enabling necessary updates for all stakeholders, including the city.


Water system design and analysis

OpenFlows supports numerical modeling for optimization of existing networks and design for new or expanded water, wastewater, and stormwater systems.


Road design and analysis

OpenRoads provides an open modeling environment for design and analysis of road networks and underground utilities design.


Rail and Transit Design

OpenRail provides comprehensive track, station, yard, and overhead line electrification design to support all stages of rail design, from concept through construction, maintenance, and operations


Geotechnical design and analysis

OpenGround provides a comprehensive solution for collecting, managing, reporting, visualizing, analyzing, and accessing geotechnical data.


Comprehensive site design

OpenSite improves site workflows across geotechnical, underground utilities, stormwater drainage, terrain modeling, detailed drawing production, and visualization.


Building Design and Energy Analysis

OpenBuildings helps you integrate architects, electrical, mechanical, and structural engineers to successfully design, analyze, construct, and manage buildings of all types and scales


Mobility optimization

OpenBuildings Designer and LEGION support design and simulation of buildings, trasnsit stations, malls, and campuses for enhanced footfall, wayfinding, crowd management, and safety/security, helping architects, building owners, and cities optimize the use of space.


Project visualization

LumenRT produces attention-grabbing, real-time visualizations for stakeholders, helping everyone experience and communicate project intent.

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