Ensuring Trusted Information with Digital Twins

for Cities

Advancing GIS and BIM to 4D Digital Twins

Why Cities Need Digital Twins

  • Share trusted information across city departments and with the design and construction ecosystem to support infrastructure from planning through performance
  • Unify and integrate multiple siloed data sources
  • Systematically track, manage, and visualize change
  • Produce actionable insights for key decision makers
  • Enable high-performing and collaborative teams
  • Engage all stakeholders and the public

Your Path to a Digital Twin

The good news is that your city already has an incredible wealth of data. We show you how to federate that data and relate it to a reality model of your city, making it accessible to all of your stakeholders. We show you how to manage that data so you can track changes over time. And we help you to start first on the use cases and priorities that are most important to your city today.

Create digital context

Add real-world digital context to intelligent, semantic models to create a digital twin at campus or city scale. Learn more

Federate your data

Minimize information silos with an open and connected data environment. This is the starting point for enabling digital twin workflows. Learn more

Urban Planning & Project Visualization

With both digital context and a digital twin at city-scale, you now have better tools for urban planning and stakeholder engagement. Learn more

Urban flood resilience

Digital twins help you model, simulate, and analyze flood resilience for your site, campus, or city. Learn more

Digital Twins