City of Helsinki

Going Digital With Bentley

Helsinki uses Bentley applications to support its Helsinki 3D+ model, using a combination of laser scanning and oblique photogrammetry for modeling the surface and terrain to deliver a 3D reality mesh model of the entire city.

What was the outcome?

  • Helsinki 3D+ is the foundation to its digital twin, with both a reality mesh and semantic models of the entire city. Read the project profile
  • ContextCapture is used by the city to continuously capture and process updates for the reality mesh model.
  • With Helsinki’s open data policy, the Helsinki 3D+ supports many use cases, including analyzing solar power utilization, conducting flood assessments, and performing noise calculations, as well as allowing third-party developers and universities to access and use data for additional projects.
  • Helsinki 3D+ and OpenCities Planner provide the foundation for the digital twin in Kalasatama – improving planning and engagement between the city, residents, and other third-party organizations. View this story
Safuani Abdul Hamid

“We are helping to create a better life for citizens using knowledge-based discussions and making decisions based on that data.”

Jarmo Suomisto, Architect

Project Manager, Helsinki 3D+,
City Executive Office, City of Helsinki

What products were used?



Reality Modeling Software


Modeling and Visualization Software


OpenCities Map

GIS and Map Software

OpenCities Planner

Reality Modeling Software 

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