• iModels

    Access and share information-rich models

Specialized Container for Exchanging Infrastructure Information

Share information-rich models securely, accurately and in a relevant context for all stakeholders, providing a complete multidisciplinary view of projects, as well as serving as a reliable means to capture feedback from project participants.

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What is an iModel?

Containers for conveying AECO information

What is an iModel and why should you use them?

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Creating iModels

Publish from CAD and BIM applications

Directly produce iModels on the desktop from your preferred design environment, including MicroStation, other Bentley or non-Bentley software products or via a free plug-in, or through the Bentley iModels Composer.

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Validating & Transforming iModels

Make information fit-for-purpose

When creating iModels, there are several unique things you can do to ensure the right information is available for the stakeholders who will use them.

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Using iModels

Use iModels for many purposes

iModels can be used to address many different needs, including many common design, construction, and operations workflows that greatly benefit from access to information rich models.

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