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3D Bridge Modeling Software

Develop intelligent 3D bridge models within the context of an overall transportation project.

Use OpenBridge Modeler for rapid and iterative computational design. Calibrate design to terrain, roadways, access ramps, and related infrastructure by directly leveraging Bentley’s civil design applications. Enliven designs and enhance visualization with lifelike renderings. Minimize costly construction delays with traffic and construction simulations. Control costs by using clash detection capabilities to reduce interference problems, before construction begins.

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  • Capture roadway geometry and topography

    • Reuse civil data obtained directly from Bentley road products such as GEOPAK, Bentley InRoads, or MXROAD, and import roadway information and ground data from LandXML files.
  • Coordinate multi-discipline bridge teams

    • Exchange project information including bridge geometry, materials, loads, prestressing strand pattern, and shear reinforcement to improve decision making. Streamline engineering content management with real-time collaboration and share, reuse, and repurpose data throughout the bridge lifecycle to minimize risk of design error and construction issues.
  • Design and model bridges

    • ​Accelerate your bridge designs by applying innovative, visual processes that quickly generate the information required, from multiple disciplines to make engineering decisions. Leverage data interoperability to visually determine how your proposed bridge may impact existing and proposed project elements.
  • Generate bridge project deliverables

    • Generate detailed reports. Create 3D models and 2D drawings for sections, elevations, and framing plans.
  • Interoperate with bridge analysis applications

    • Perform robust analysis and design code verification to ensure that the bridge design conforms to industry standards by connecting to LEAP Bridge and RM Bridge.
  • Interoperate with detailing applications

    • Develop detailed rebar designs, including bar marks, schedules, quantities, and drawings by connecting to ProStructures.
  • Manage bridge project changes

    • Respond to project changes by effortlessly updating the intelligent bridge model and leveraging built-in parametric relationships between bridge components.
  • Perform bridge clash detection

    • Mitigate risk by performing conflict analysis of the bridge structure with existing infrastructure to save time, eliminate building errors, and reduce project costs. View clashes in 3D or in table format. Detect clashes with reinforcing steel and other embedments. Check for required minimum clearances between adjacent structures and roadways.
  • Publish i-models

    • ​Exchange project models and information using i-models. With i-models, you can implement unique and powerful workflows for information sharing, distribution, and design review. These workflows can be further enhanced using ProjectWise and other products and services that leverage the power of i-models.
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