OpenSite Designer

Conceptual, Preliminary, and Detailed Design. All in One!

Jumpstart projects, win the bid, finish the job, and secure a return client base.

Reduce Plan Development Time by 20%

Meet increasing demands, attract new business, and acquire a skilled workforce.

Automate Manual Work

Eliminate tedious repeatable work and spend more time designing and less time drafting.

True Site Engineering Software

Increase productivity with built for purpose site design capabilities. Stop struggling to make transportation software meet your needs.

Use BIM, Not Broken Workflows

Integrate existing real-world conditions, work with a variety of disciplines and data types, and easily work with distributed teams.



Concepts in Hours, Not Days

Use OpenSite SITEOPS (included with OpenSite Designer) to deliver multiple concepts faster than any other software. Make edits on the fly during stakeholder meetings. Generate grading and storm water plans to determine project feasibility and identify the most cost-effective way to solve constraints.


Detailed Design

Whether you need to produce traditional 2D deliverables, advance to 3D modeling, support digital transformation, or all the above, OpenSite is the only choice for true site design. It includes complete detailed design capabilities for rapid site modeling and analysis, earthwork optimization and quantification, drainage and underground utility design, and automated project deliverables in one application.

Run Thousands of Iterations Based on Designer-Defined Constraints

OpenSite employs an earthwork optimization engine that explores alternatives with a click of a button. Evaluate different design scenarios, implement stakeholder input, or add critical grading elements such as walls and beams to dynamically generate the optimal cost of construction.

Take Advantage of 3D Visualization

OpenSite Designer includes LumenRT to produce attention-grabbing
and easily understandable visualizations for stakeholders. You no
longer have to be a computer graphics expert to create life-like digital


Powered by iTwin

iTwins enable you to manage and visualize live construction information in 2D, 3D, and 4D so that you can track project performance and make better, faster, data-driven decisions.