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gINT Solution for Mobile Data Collection

Further accelerate going digital with Bentley’s new mobile application – gINT Collector. 

Site investigation is a crucial step for any engineering project.  Low reusability of data, errors in multiple entry points, and time delays in inputs, cause frustration and additional costs. 

Field to office in minutes! Now your geotechnical field data can be collected once, on-site, using your organization data models in a mobile application. This streamlined process is more accessible providing improved data solution of trusted information anytime, anyplace, in your own way.

Having a single source of truth, that can be readily shared by many, saves time, reduces errors, and avoids dark data. This federated data solution enhances collaboration opportunities which can improve interoperability with BIM or digital twin for advanced data integrity

  • Advanced data synchronization

    • Field crews can collect data digitally on-site. Data can then be transferred to the office in minutes or synchronized once connected.
  • Collect consistent and complete data

    • Load lookup values from your gINT Library File to ensure descriptions use standardized terminology. Required fields and other options ensure that all necessary data is collected in a usable format. This not only improves the quality of data, but also reduces the log revision process.
  • Easily import data into your gINT project

    • Data collection forms are linked directly to your gINT data template (database structure) so no data conversion or complicated data mapping is required. Data can be easily imported into a gINT Project File (GPJ) or SQL Server database.
  • Enter data one time, in the field

    • Eliminate the time-consuming and error-prone process of transcribing pen-and-paper field logs.
  • Field to office

    • Data collected in the field can be synchronized to the cloud and loaded into gINT any time.
      This enables more-informed decision making and adjustments to the field program while the crew is still on-site, as well as accelerates turn-around time for logs and preliminary analysis.
  • Integration with multidisciplines and project objectives

    • Create re-usable forms that are suited to different types of projects, ground conditions, field personnel, or other requirements. Whether geo-environmental, hydrogeology, geological, or geotechnical, you can customize the data collection interface to meet your needs.
  • Keep up with the pace of drilling

    • Optimize the interface for rapid data collection by utilizing radio buttons, check boxes, lookup lists, and other options, as well as leverage handwriting recognition and voice-to-text technology.
  • Multi user application

    • gINT Collector is a multi-user application which enables multiple field crews to work in parallel on the same project. Field crews can reference other boreholes from the app to better understand site conditions while work is underway.
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