Knowledge-Based Saturated/Unsaturated Soil Property Database


SVSOILS™ is the world’s premier product for estimating the hydraulic properties for flow modeling in unsaturated soils. Our database contains data on more than 6,200 soil-water characteristic curves and provides numerous theoretical methods of estimating the soil-water characteristic curve (SWCC) or unsaturated hydraulic conductivity curve. Methods for managing shear strength, triaxial, thermal, and fate and transport properties are also present.
  • Application for estimating soil properties

    • Premier and unique application for the estimation of unsaturated soils' behavior in seepage modeling. Methods for managing consolidation, shear strength, triaxial, thermal, and fate and transport properties are also present.
  • Automatically classify soils

    • Automatic soil classification by USCS or USDA methods.
  • Calculate volume-mass properties

    • Calculate volume-mass properties of an air-water-soil mixture using any three measured properties.
  • Data mining

    • Our searchable database contains over 40,000 soils with over 50% containing a minimum of a soil-water characteristic curve. Estimate unsaturated soil properties through data mining.
  • Easy-to-use redesigned interface

    • Redesigned simple user interface: Increased workflow efficiency with powerful data mining/searching capabilities.
  • Digital workflow

    • Import data from gINT and export material parameters to analysis software to enhance your digital workflow.
  • Manage model constitutive data for saturated/unsaturated flow

    • Management of modeling constitutive data for saturated/unsaturated flow, shear strength, compressibility, consolidation, thermal, pore-air flow, and fate and transport material properties.
  • Parameter determination methods

    • Theoretical estimations of:
      - soil-water characteristic curve by nine methods
      - saturated and unsaturated hydraulic conductivities
      - the Fredlund & Wilson provides a reliable method to estimate the soil-water characteristic curve for sands, silts, and clays
      - estimate thermal conductivities