2D/3D Finite Element Stress/Deformation


SVSOLID™ is a 1D, 2D, and 3D finite-element program for the calculation of deformations in geotechnical earth structures. The software can solve both simple and complex staged construction and/or excavation problems involving elasto-plastic soft-soil behavior and small and large-strain time-dependent consolidation as well as the deformation of rock materials.
  • Advanced ability for model grouping / linking

    • The advanced abilities of model grouping and linking are available, which are particularly useful in large and complex modeling sequences.
  • Creation of geometry

    • Creation of geometrically complex digital twin 3D models with the SVDESIGNER™ conceptual model builder. Creation of 3D models from triangulated surfaces (TINS). Multiple 3D model-building methodologies (Extrusions, 2D cross-section stitching, 3D layer cake, or material volume method).
  • Easy-to-use interface

    • Easy-to-use and simplified CAD-based user interface:
      - A clearly organized menu system with left to right arrangement of primary functions.
      - Allows rapid creation of models.
      - The new 3D CAD graphics engine provides measurably faster overall operation.
  • Model finite element stress/deformation

    • 1D/2D/3D finite element stress/deformation modeling.
  • Model reinforcements, such as bolts

    • Modeling of reinforcements, such as bolts, is available.
  • Model small-strain and large-strain consolidation

    • Modeling of small-strain and large-strain consolidation is available.
  • Modeling slope stability

    • Slope stability modeling using the shear strength reduction (SSR) method.
  • Quad/Triangular/Tetrahedral meshing support

    • Meshing: Quad/Triangular/Tetrahedral meshing support. Semi-automatic mesh generation and manual mesh refinement. The new 3D solution offers support for both surface meshes and grids. Surface mesh support allows models of higher complexity to be produced.
  • Staged construction/excavation models

    • Staged construction/excavation models are available.
  • Support for constitutive models

    • Support for over 20 different soil and rock strength models, including Mohr-Coulomb, Hoek-Brown, Undrained, Anisotropic, Bilinear, Frictional-Undrained, Duncan-Chang Hyperbolic, von Mises, Drueker-Praeger, Cam-Clay, ALM1/ALM2/ALM3/ALM4, and four unsaturated shear strength models.