• CUBE Access

    Predictive Modeling and Simulation of Transportation

Measuring Livability

CUBE Access is the perfect tool to quickly score and understand your community's accessibility to employment opportunities, daily errands, public services, and much more. Using the superior transportation planning software, you can analyze data to calculate an accessibility score to identify any gaps in livability and inform community planners and leaders on how to address those gaps.

Perhaps your community scores high in personal transportation but low in public transportation? Are there are pockets that can get to food, medicine, and entertainment, but don’t have many employment opportunities? Rather than making assumptions with traditional data, get the full accessibility picture from the same software you use for your planning. CUBE Access allows users to easily map Access Scores for your community and quantify the number of destinations that are accessible by any mode of travel within a specified travel time limit. An Access Score of walkability scores areas highest when they have walkable access to restaurants, bars, grocery stores, and other valued destinations. In addition to scoring walkability, Citilabs' CUBE Access scores vibrancy, healthy living, and daily errands, plus has flexibility to create your own metrics.

  • Calculate Multi-modal Accessibility

    • Calculate accessibility via walking, biking, using public transportation or automobiles.
  • Perform Simple Scenario Planning

    • Quickly test and compare proposed changes to your city’s transportation and land use.
  • Visualize Project Impacts

    • With access scores, compare and visualize transportation impacts across demographic groups and different neighborhoods. Document economic growth drivers in a region as well as potential opportunities for transit-oriented development.