• CUBE Cargo

    Predictive Modeling and Simulation of Transportation

Freight Modeling

Today’s complex logistics make cargo transportation ever-present and unavoidable. Citilabs’ CUBE Cargo, an extension of CUBE Voyager, models freight movement throughout a city or region to understand the impacts of commodity flows and influence decisions on future infrastructure changes. Without enough accurate data and foresight, solving one infrastructure problem simply causes another.

Consider all the different angles with CUBE Cargo:

  • Understand how area business and commerce use the network for trade and exchange.
  • Estimate annual tons of commodities produced and consumed by zone by commodity class.
  • Accurately model both short and long-haul freight movements.
  • Understand the effects of cargo shipping policy and infrastructure changes to the roadway network.
  • Estimate truck volume to evaluate travel speeds and pavement conditions.

CUBE Cargo offers freight-specific capabilities to represent multiple commodity groups, logistical nodes where transport mode or vehicle may change, a module to model touring vehicles, and a module for local service vehicles.

  • Logistics Nodes Model

    • Partitions the long-haul matrices by mode and commodity class into direct flows and transport chain flows.
  • Fine Distribution Model

    • Redistributes from coarse zones to fine zones for each of the matrices.
  • Vehicle Model

    • Converts the estimated annual commodity flows by truck into the number of heavy trucks and light trucks.