Offshore Wind Structural Analysis and Design Software

Explore design alternatives, predict performance, and deliver safe, cost-effective offshore wind farm structures with OpenWindPower.

OpenWindPower Floating Platform

Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Analysis Software

Determine hydrodynamic, aerodynamic, and structural loading. Analyze environmental conditions and mooring configurations under a defined range of operating conditions.

Model Floating Platforms

Take advantage of flexible data import, mesh modeling, and automated curve and surface fitting capabilities to quickly generate models for the analysis of new or existing platforms. Systematically explore design alternatives by making measured changes to models with easy-to-use features. Apply transformations to increase the productivity of your initial design process.

Analyze Floating Systems

Automate analyses using the MOSES simulation language to define environmental conditions, specify mooring configurations, and run the integrated solvers in a unified environment. Ensure system response is within defined limits over a range of operating conditions.

Ensure Compliance to Offshore Design Codes

Ensure structural compliance using built-in checking, and filter results for critical conditions. Optimize design and configuration for compliance to numerous current and past international codes.




Shanghai Investigation, Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd.

“With OpenWindPower, the design team iterated designs to determine the best way to protect the tower foundations from ice damage. Their work resulted in anti-ice cones, which flare out where the tower meets the water. The design … protects the tower foundation by providing a much thicker surface area that deflects floating ice more effectively than a narrower surface.”


The Strength to Deliver Renewable Energy

You shouldn’t have to doubt the reliability of your designs when there is proven software built by industry experts. Watch this two-minute video to learn how you can explore design alternatives for safe, cost-effective offshore windfarm structures with OpenWindPower.

Featured Projects

OpenWindPower was used for the China Three Gorges New Energy Dalian Zhuanghe III Offshore Wind Farm Project.

China Three Gorges New Energy Dalian Zhuanghe III Offshore Wind Farm Project

China Three Gorges New Energy and Dalian Power Generation, owners of multiple offshore wind developments in China, contracted Shanghai Investigation, Design, & Research Institute (SIDRI) to design an offshore wind farm in the Bohai Sea. The large project, including 72 wind turbines with a combined capacity of 300 megawatts and a 220-kilovolt booster station, would be built among the trenches and caves of the local sea floor. Additionally, the design would have to protect the wind towers from ice floes during the winter months. The size, complexity, and challenges of this project presented what SIDRI called “second-to-none” difficulty.

OpenWindPower was used for the Block Island Wind Farm by Keystone Engineering Inc.

Block Island Wind Farm – Block Island, Rhode Island, United States

Keystone saved their client 20% in installation costs by using Bentley’s OpenWindPower to design steel jacket substructures for America’s first commercial offshore wind farm.