• SACS Pile Structure Design

    Design for safety

Pile Structure Interaction Design Software

Design safe foundations for offshore structures using SACS Pile Structure Design. This helps expedite compliance to international design codes for oil and gas, and wind turbine platform structures subject to environmental and mechanical loads. Reduce the fatigue risk of foundations by determining response from cyclic environmental loads.
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  • Automate offshore structural workflows

    • Manage multiple analyses with customizable templates working from a common structural model. Automatically pass data from one analysis step to another, incorporating industry-standard methodologies. Simplify management of large, complex models for design exploration with automated workflows.​
  • Calculate soil liquefaction

    • Account for reduced soil capacity in seismic zones through soil stiffness property variation with earthquake loading​.​
  • Model foundations using superelements

    • Accurately model coupling effects of displacements and rotations through generation of a fully coupled 6X6 matrix for each pile group. Use pile super elements to linearize a piled foundation for modal analysis.
  • Model soil strata and properties

    • Analyze the behavior of pile supported structures subject to one or more static load conditions. Apply user specified pile/soil response to axial, lateral, and torsional loads applied at the pilehead through nonlinear load deflection curves.​
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