AutoPIPE Nuclear

Nuclear Pipe Stress Analysis Software

Shorten nuclear piping design and manufacturing cycles.


Shorten Nuclear Plant Design Cycles

Design critical safety pipework to ASME Class 1, 2, or 3 standards.

Perform Nuclear Analysis

Expanding on the analysis capabilities in AutoPIPE Advanced, AutoPIPE Nuclear also provides fatigue analysis, high energy leakage and crack detection, and thermal transient analysis.

Assure Quality

Bentley development and testing procedures conform to ASME NQA-1, ASME N45.2, CSA N286.7-99, and 10CFR50. Critical error reporting to 10CFR21 is available for subscribers of the QA&R program that also gives access to our validation calculations and allows users to perform audits on our procedures.

Conform to Industry Codes and Standards

AutoPIPE Nuclear includes the American (ASME Class NB and NC/D) and Japanese (JSME NC1 and MITI501) piping codes for nuclear safety-related and critical pipe stress analysis.



Comprehensive and Advanced Software for Pipe Stress

Increase productivity and improve quality control with an intuitive modeling environment and advanced analysis capabilities

Optimize Supports with AutoPIPE Nuclear

See how to effectively support loading points with AutoPIPE Nuclear