• OpenPlant Orthographics Manager

    Spend less time drawing and more time designing

Plant Orthographics Drawing Software

Save time and money on the production of your general arrangement plant drawings with OpenPlant Othrographics Manager. Increase the quality and accuracy of your project orthographics with automatic extraction and production from your 3D model. With the help of automatic single and double line drawings, annotations, and dimensions, you can ensure your drawing preparations are always up-to-date with faster revisions.
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    • OpenPlant Product Overview
  • Generate plant project deliverables

    • ​Automatically generate detailed drawings with configurable bills of material, eliminating manual take-offs. Generate reports for pipe, support, equipment, and instrument lists.
  • Manage plant project documents and deliverables

    • ​Efficiently manage plant design data and deliverables including isometrics, orthographics, piping and instrumentation diagrams, 3D models, and construction deliverables. Share documents across the project team using ProjectWise.​
  • Perform collaborative plant engineering

    • ​Interoperability ensures plant design data and construction deliverables are available anytime for project team members to quickly find, share, and use. The collaborative environment allows users to check out model components, make updates, and check them in.​
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