BCDE Program

Extend Your Capabilities

Standardize digital delivery across multiple projects and programs.

Drive Consistency Across Projects and Programs

There are many challenges involved in managing complex construction projects. BCDE Program delivers all the benefits of BCDE Project across unlimited projects and programs, working to your own naming standards and helping to drive consistency and compliance as well as improve operational processes.

Simplify Complex Project Delivery

Manage disparate teams and supply chains from a single platform. Ensure project information is compliant with industry standards, allowing you to focus on delivering your projects, not chasing collaborating parties for the right information.

Consistent and Assured Information

Our templated processes and workflows ensure consistent standards of information helping to enforce BIM compliance across your projects. Files are automatically named and tagged with information when uploaded, so you don’t have to worry about locating the right file. Standardized workflows control the flow of information from upload to handover, reducing delays.

Delivering Insights

Access project information and navigate from map to model within a couple of clicks via a user-friendly interface saving hours of searching across folders. Track progress and gain timely insights with powerful and concise dashboards.

Ideal for Managing Multiple Projects Across Program of Work

The BCDE Program helps contractors and consultants standardize digital delivery approaches and optimize processes across their organization. BCDE Program can also form the basis of a digital estate, enabling clients and asset owners to capture supplier-delivered project information and securely maintain it across the full asset lifecycle.

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