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ProjectWise 365


ProjectWise 365 is our new instant-on, 100% cloud-based solution, built to enable any size project or firm – including small and mid-size firms – to drive faster and higher-quality design collaboration.


Maximize productivity by making it simple for your entire extended project team to readily share and find information, collaborate on reviews and manage tasks, and process contractual exchanges.

“Instant-on” Digital Collaboration

Join other teams choosing ProjectWise 365 for its simple start-up, ease of use, and digital design collaboration benefits.

Learn how ProjectWise 365 makes design collaboration accessible and affordable, while eliminating cumbersome paper-based workflows, siloed PDF review capabilities, and other point solutions.

Design Work Made Simple

Obtain information faster

Store, find, and share project information quickly and easily from your web browser or Microsoft Teams environment.

Accelerate 2D/3D design reviews

Collaborate in a unique and immersive 2D/3D hybrid review environment to streamline coordination and resolve issues faster.

Better manage contractual exchanges

Automate and manage contractual exchanges and reviews to shorten approval cycles and reduce risk.

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