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Analytical Insights 
Eighty percent of design firms report they apply design requirements beyond the code requirements to improve constructability and to reduce costs and risk. Until now the process to ensure compliance with these best practices has been a time intensive, manual process, subject to errors and oversight. Now, with Analytical Insights, that same process is automated, allowing project managers to set design rules for RAM Structural system users to allow designers to ensure compliance and obtain insight into best practices throughout the design process. Ensure design quality, assist designers to identify potential construction issues, minimize time consuming review cycles and provide easy to understand insight into design progress and adherence to your firm’s quality requirements. 

Design Services - SBeam 

Make designing composite steel beams a snap. RAM SBeam is a specialized, composite steel design application that considers skip loading, unbraced bending segment, partial composite and construction constraints to produce the optimal composite beam design solution for your clients. Take advantage of powerful design and comprehensive reports all within a simple, easy-to-use, interface. RAM SBeam is now newly updated with the latest AISC 360-10 and CAN/CSA S16-09 code requirements. These complement the AISC 360-05, CAN/CSA S16-01, BS5950:2000, Eurocode and AS 4100 design codes previously available. 

Mobile Services
Creating, responding, and addressing RFIs and construction related issues just got easier with Structural Navigator Mobile App. Designed to work on your phone or tablet and on all major platforms, access to your design models and data is available when and how you need it. Direct integration to ProjectWise Projects allow easy access to your managed project content and issues. Use Structural Navigator to easily view, edit, interrogate and mark-up your 3D designs, and stay connected wherever you go. 
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