• RAM Concept

    Your go-to concrete slab and foundation design workhorse

Concrete Slab Design Software

Economically design post-tensioned and reinforced concrete floors including slabs, mats, and rafts, with exceptional visibility into compliance, efficiency, and practicality. Design floors and foundations reliably and efficiently, saving time and money, and overcoming the most common concerns you face as a designer. RAM Concept allows you to easily design complex floor geometries and incorporate changes with ease using powerful task automation and clearly organized output.
    • Design foundations to international standards
    • Post-Tensioned Slab Optimization
    • Calculate punching shear
    • Design foundations to international standards
  • Design post-tensioned and conventional concrete floors

    • Design elevated concrete slabs with or without post-tensioning. Consider all major aspects of slab design, including service, ductility, and strength limit states, punching shear requirements, long-term deflections, and walking vibration.
  • Design raft or mat foundations to international standards

    • Design raft or mat foundations using soil springs and a zero-tension analysis. Confidently complete your designs with the extensive support of international standards.
  • Design and analyze with finite elements

    • Complete building analysis, design, and drafting for the entire structure accurately and efficiently using our state-of-the-art finite element analysis. Reduce or eliminate the time spent waiting for results using our fast solvers.
  • Analyze gravity, lateral, and temperature loads

    • Design and analyze simple or complex concrete floors for a wide range of loading conditions, including skip live loads, wind/seismic loads, and temperature loads.
  • Optimize post-tensioned concrete floor designs

    • Optimize the design of post-tensioning, reinforcement, and studded shear reinforcement for post-tensioned concrete floors using a cloud-based optimization feature. Save hours of engineering time by eliminating the need for tedious manual iteration. Let the optimizer sort through thousands of design alternatives and have confidence that your post-tensioned design has reduced material and labor costs.
  • Integrate with RAM Structural System

    • Transfer floor or raft/mat foundation geometry and loading, including lateral load effects, from RAM Structural System. Export reactions, including post-tensioning effects, to RAM Structural System for column design.
  • Analyze deflections for time-dependent effects

    • Capture the time-varying properties of concrete in your analysis. Account for creep, shrinkage, and cracking at various time stages in the analysis, accurately predicting deflections with consideration for how concrete truly behaves.
  • Analyze floors for walking vibration

    • Study dynamic behavior, including resonant and impulsive effects, of simple and complex concrete floors due to walking vibration. Evaluate sensitivity criteria for occupants or sensitive equipment.
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