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    Model the Integrated Grid

Network Digital Twin for Electric Utilities

Electric utilities are challenged to adopt clean energy practices, adapt to changing demand and customer needs, and ensure grid resilience and reliability. These challenges create pressure to digitalize and integrate workflows across power generation, transmission, distribution, and grid edge networks. Electric power owner-operators understand that going digital and digital twins are key components of a strategy aimed at replacing or enhancing traditional information systems (GIS, EAM, and EMS) to realize a comprehensive view of the grid. As the level of distributed energy resource (DER) penetration increases, energy utilities must modify their business and operating practices to plan, design, and operate integrated power networks that cross traditional silos of generation, transmission, and distribution. Digital twins provide a dynamic modeling foundation to enable smarter grid planning and operations.

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  • OpenUtilities Digital Twin Services


    • Make Smarter Grid Decisions
      Electrical network digital twins give you the power to visualize grid assets, monitor network status, perform analysis, and generate insights for decision support.