• Banedanmark

    The New Line, Copenhagen-Ringsted

    Copenhagen, Denmark

Project Summary


As part of its vision for the Railway of the Future, Banedanmark is building Denmark’s first high-speed railway between Copenhagen and Ringsted. The 60-kilometer new line crosses 88 bridges and passes through four tunnels to connect 10 municipalities, with a new station at Køge Nord and new platforms at Ny Ellebjerg Station. Banedanmark is using best-in-class purchasing practices, economies of scale, and state-of-the-art technology to deliver the DKK 9 billion design-build project by 2018.


Given the scope, Banedanmark was challenged to ensure buildability. The project was divided into 20 tender packages, which made it imperative to have traceable engineering content, collaborative data sharing, and interface coordination at all stages. Banedanmark chose ProjectWise as the collaboration platform, providing a connected data environment and automated quality assurance. Bentley’s civil design software provided 3D modeling, with powerful interoperability and design coordination.


Banedanmark’s well-coordinated process kept the project on schedule and achieved overall budget savings of 10-15 percent. Requiring the use of intelligent 3D models resulted in contract tenders that were 9.3 percent lower than expected. The 3D models provided design clarity that reduced risk, with solid data for realistic budgets and accurate quantities. The success of this project prompted a new initiative, “Digital Railway of the Future,” implementing BIM technology throughout the project lifecycle.


Bentley software resolved situations that could have caused delays and escalated costs. MicroStation performed quality control, clash detection, and design optimization. Bentley Rail Track modeled the minimum infrastructure gauge to demonstrate safe passage for regulatory approval. PowerCivil for Denmark documented quantity discrepancies for contractor claims, as well as modeled utilities when owners lacked information. Photorealistic animations using MicroStation, Descartes, and Bentley Pointools gained project acceptance.

Project Playlist: Bentley Rail Track, Bentley Descartes, Bentley Map, MicroStation, Bentley Navigator, Bentley Pointools, PowerCivil for Demark, ProjectWise

  • The new line will comprise Denmark’s fastest trains, traveling 250 kilometers per hour on a dual-track electrified railway.
  • Bentley’s civil design software provided unprecedented interoperability and design coordination.
  • Using 3D models for contract tenders provided clarity, reduced risk, and yielded tenders 9.3 percent lower than expected.
  • On-time performance extended Banedanmark’s reserve budget from 10 to 15 percent.
  • “Bentley's commitment to providing the tools necessary to support the whole lifecycle of assets and interoperability with other design and construction software means that Banedanmark’s CAD data is usable, well-coordinated, and well-documented.”

    Gita Mohshizadeh CAD Manager Banedanmark