• AES Indianapolis Power & Light Company

    T&D Implementation of Asset Risk at Indianapolis Power & Light

    Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

Project Summary

A reliable source of electricity is vital to the Indianapolis economy. The city’s downtown underground electrical distribution network is made up of 72.2 miles of primary cable, accessible via more than 1,200 manholes and 315 transformers housed in 140 network vaults. To ensure public safety, improve asset performance, and curtail equipment failures, Indianapolis Power & Light Company (IPL) needed to implement effective asset reliability strategies on the asset-intensive network.

IPL collected and tracked specific indicator data and indicator states for the numerous network assets using AssetWise Asset Reliability (AssetWise) software as the foundation for its asset management program. The team calculated overall asset health scores and criticality based on weighted values, integrated it with the company’s work management systems, and developed an internal asset management website to facilitate communication on inspection, work order, and management processes to proactively manage corrective action.

AssetWise improved efficiency and quality of IPL’s inspection process for optimal operations and management of the downtown Indianapolis distribution network. To date, the system monitors 300,000 indicators for 20,000 assets. With proactive, objective inspections and work order prioritization based on asset criticality, IPL decreased network equipment failures from 49 in 2011 to 15 in 2016. Substation transformer and circuit breaker failures followed a similar downward trend. The dramatically improved network performance ensures the safety of millions of Indianapolis residents and visitors vital to the city’s economy.

Using AssetWise, IPL imported inspection data and configured specific indicators and indicator states for assets, including manholes, vaults, network transformers, and network protectors along the distribution system. The software enables the team to analyze the recorded inspection data and evaluate and assign an overall health score to the asset. It also allows it to examine asset criticality to prioritize corrective action. Given the flexibility and interoperability of Bentley software, IPL integrated the information with its own systems to develop an internal asset management website enabling accurate, data-driven decision making.

Project Playbook:  AssetWise Asset Reliability
  • Using AssetWise to evaluate asset health and criticality along the downtown Indianapolis distribution network reduced equipment failures by 70 percent over a five-year period.
  • IPL implemented standardized asset reliability strategies to facilitate proactive asset maintenance.
  • The flexibility and interoperability of AssetWise allowed IPL to integrate work management processes, which accelerated information mobility and optimized decision making.
  • Based on the successful implementation of Bentley processes, IPL has been recognized by regulators as leading edge in the industry with sophisticated health, criticality, and risk calculations.
  • “I have worked with a lot of software systems over the years and the Bentley software is one of the most flexible and configurable that I have ever used. There seems to be no limit to what one can do with the software.”

    Barry Feldman Director T&D Asset Management AES/IPL