• Beijing Institute of Water

    Tongzhou Water Works of Beijing South-to-North Water Diversion Project

    Beijing, China

Project Summary

In southeast Beijing, China’s declining groundwater supplies caused water shortages for the Tongzhou District. To address this challenge and assure a continuous water supply to area residents, Beijing Institute of Water initiated a CNY 354 million Tongzhou Water Works project that will increase capacity to 2.8 times the amount provided in 2011 and drop reliance on groundwater from 74.2 to 21.4 percent. The project will include a water treatment workshop, a clear water pool, and an integrated office building and other ancillary buildings.

The design team used Bentley’s ProjectWise collaborative platform to create a 3D information model of the waterworks and ancillary buildings, and establish 3D design and production standards for the 26 engineers completing the 3D model and 2D construction drawings. During model development, the team comprehensively improved the design means, enforced standards, and verified the construction drawings and engineering statistics of the 2D design. The project team also carried out design optimization using Bentley’s BIM advancements. For example, the team optimized the layout of the water purification technology structures and the plant terrain by using raw water pressure.

Using Bentley software, the project team produced engineering statistics in half the time it would normally take and saved 10 percent in construction costs for cable materials. Cross-discipline collision inspection shortened drawing review time by 40 percent and saved 15 percent in construction costs. Using the whole life cycle design and management, the project team improved design quality and efficiency, while meeting the government’s requirements for energy efficiency. The team also reduced construction costs and eliminated environmental impacts. For example, fossil energy and electric energy consumption were reduced by more than 45 percent. As part of the Beijing South-to-North Water Diversion Project, this venture will deliver 600,000 cubic meters of water per day by Phase 3.

Bentley software improved design accuracy, quality, and efficiency throughout the project. The project team used ProjectWise as a collaborative design management platform to store all disciplines’ basic design information, 3D information models, 2D drawing extractions, and engineering statistics tables. Using personnel and rights management, users could share data and models and avoid design errors. The design team also used AECOsim Building Designer to conveniently and intuitively draw complex, irregular concrete structure models. To create a unified and easy-to-use design across all disciplines, the team used Bentley Substation and Bentley Raceway and Cable Management applications for cable laying, cable tray, and electrical component modeling. Bentley Raceway and Cable Management improved design efficiency by giving designers a real-time understanding of the cable bridge layout while OpenPlant helped design the water machines and pipes. Additionally, OpenRoads Designer helped carry out site excavation and road channel design. Bentley Navigator was used for collision inspection and to review 3D models.

 Project Playbook: AECOsim Building Designer, LumenRt, Bentley Raceway and Cable Management, Bentley Substation, MicroStation, Navigator, OpenPlant, OpenRoads, OpenRoads Designer, ProConcrete, ProjectWise, ProSteel, ProStructures

  • Using a 3D design approach, 26 engineers took 40 days to complete the 3D modeling, 2D drawing, and engineering statistics work.
  • The design team saved more than 50 percent of the design work with Bentley software, greatly improving design accuracy.
  • Using Bentley applications helped the project team find and resolve more than 40 model collisions, greatly improving design quality, reducing the number of drawings for audit work by 40 percent, and saving 15 percent in construction costs.
  • Timely feedback of accurate material statistics to the construction unit saved about 10 percent of the construction cost in cable material.
  • HVAC, water supply and drainage, and water machine professionals used OpenPlant for design and drawing of water machines and pipes.
  • “Bentley provides a complete three-dimensional design software for all professions in the water conservancy design field, as well as an excellent management platform for the smooth development of the project, the delivery of results, and quality control.”

    Qi Jiang Information Center Director Beijing Institute of Water