• PESTECH International Berhad

    Automation and Integration of Substation Design Work for 230-kilovolt Project

    Kratie and Kampong Cham, Cambodia

Project Summary

Diamond Power Limited awarded a contract to PESTECH International Berhad to design, supply, erect, and commission a substation and transmission system from the town of Kratie to the city of Kampong Cham, Cambodia. The organization is charged with performing the transmission portion and the primary and secondary design of the substation system for the USD 92.2 million project. Once the project is complete, PESTECH will undertake a 25-year contract to operate and maintain the power transmission system.

PESTECH planned, designed, engineered, manufactured, tested, delivered, installed, and commissioned the 230-kilovolt switchyard in the Kampong Cham substation, the new Kratie substation, and the interconnecting 230-kilovolt duplex ACSR bittern transmission line. Doing this efficiently meant replacing its usual manual design process with Bentley Substation, which provided an integrated platform for 2D electrical and 3D physical substation design. Working with Bentley Channel Partner Hertford MES Sdn. Bhd., the project team also implemented ProjectWise, MicroStation, and Navigator to enhance productivity, facilitate collaboration, minimize errors, and enforce standards.

The substation will extend the lifespan and reliability of customers’ transmission and distribution assets and support the fast-developing region’s transportation and building infrastructure. Using Bentley applications enabled the team to cut design work from weeks to days, saving an estimated 70 percent in project time. Schematic drawings that normally take 14 to 21 working days were completed in less than seven working days, and cable schedules that usually take three days to check and document were automatically generated in one hour or less.

Bentley Substation provided the engineering team with a single platform for a unified 3D design environment. It also acted as an intelligent database, eliminating manual data reentry and manual coordination while facilitating cross-discipline collaboration, which minimized errors and rework, and enabled a truly intelligent design. This database also helped the team automate much of the design process – especially the creation of drawings and reports. ProjectWise facilitated document sharing, design collaboration, faster reviews and approvals, and mobile design access.

Project Playbook: Bentley Substation, MicroStation, Navigator, ProjectWise, Promis.e

  • ProjectWise made it easy to share documents across departments and design teams, simplifying design checking, and revisions.
  • PESTECH replaced the manual design process used on past projects with Bentley Substation, which provided an integrated platform for electrical and physical substation design.
  • Bentley applications enabled the team to cut design work from weeks to days, saving an estimated 70 percent in project time.
  • PESTECH will operate and manage the power transmission system for 25 years, ensuring smooth operations for Diamond Power.
  • “Bentley technology proved to be a great capability for utility and power generation infrastructure projects. To achieve a high standard of engineering works, PESTECH implemented Bentley Substation, MicroStation, ProjectWise, and Navigator for our substation, transmission, and distribution projects.”

    Direshkumar Padmanathan Project Engineer PESTECH International Berhad