• Raymond Vogel Landschaften AG

    New Landscape for the New Hydropower Plant in Hagneck

    Hagneck, Bern, Switzerland

Project Summary

The historically significant Hagneck Channel, which detours Aare River into Lake Biel in the Swiss canton of Bern, is the setting for a new hydropower plant that provides 40 percent more renewable energy than the previous plant. Raymond Vogel Landschaften AG was retained to convert the land surrounding this new infrastructure into a landscape park for recreation, enabling visitors to feel connected to nature and the environment despite the nearby power plant. The project required Raymond Vogel to work with numerous corporations and to accommodate the complex terrain geometry amid ecologically limited site intervention to create a sustainable and recreational landscape.

With an underlying concept of overcoming the separation between humans and nature, Raymond Vogel’s design approach included integrating the hydropower plant with terraces, watercourses for fish, and floodplains. It also offered perfect views of the nearby countryside, cycling paths, and walking trails for visitors. To meet the complicated design demands, the team collected site data, modeled the terrain based on geo-referenced data elevation points, and used Bentley’s LumenRT to generate animated visualizations. The visualizations better communicated the design to stakeholders and enhanced decision making among the corporate consortium.

Using 3D modeling and LumenRT optimized communication and design workflow, providing a more comprehensive perspective of the landscape design to the project partners so they can make more informed decisions. Bentley software enabled Raymond Vogel to illustrate the terrestrial and aquatic requirements and planned plant growth, revealing spatial consequences and ecological changes. The newly designed and constructed landscape received a positive response from the public and the media.

Raymond Vogel used LumenRT to enliven and effectively communicate the landscape design, incorporating ecological conditions for plants, humans, and animals while keeping the hydropower plant appearance low and compact within the landscape. The software simplified the visualization and animation processes while supporting sustainability concepts and ecological requirements. The Bentley solution improved collaboration among the multiple corporations working on the project.

Project Playbook: LumenRT
  • Raymond Vogel created a visualization of a sustainable landscape design concept for the site surrounding the new Hagneck hydropower plant in Bern, Switzerland.
  • The project team’s design integrated the hydropower plant with the surrounding landscape, creating a sustainable and recreational environment.
  • Bentley’s immersive visualization technology optimized design control and enhanced decision making.
  • By quickly and easily producing animated renderings with LumenRT, the project team enabled the numerous project partners to visualize ecological processes, landscape maintenance, and spatial quality, and simplified communication of the complicated terrain modeling to deliver an exceptional and successful ecological design.
  • “LumenRT is brilliant for showing terrestrial and aquatic requirements and the growth of plants. Therefore, it is perfect to control the design and the influence of the buildings in the landscape and nature. It is fast and easy to use.”

    Raymond Vogel CEO Raymond Vogel Landschaften AG