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    Caronno Pertusella, Varese, Italia

Project Summary

Telecom Italia needed to standardize the inspection of Italy’s 11,800 radio base stations (RBS) and accelerate information exchange among stakeholders for improved plant maintenance, compliance, and asset management. To achieve this, Seikey S.r.l., a technological partner of Telecom Italia, initiated a data capture and reality modeling project that leveraged their expertise in data collection, processing, and sharing solutions with civilian drones for high-precision aerial capturing. Seikey sought to speed up information exchange between stakeholders and reduce costs, inspection times, and the risks to human life that occur with traditional inspection techniques.

Seikey’s project team adopted an integrated, 3D real-time modeling approach, using drones for high-precision aerial data capture of the stations. The data captured is processed through ContextCapture, which generates both photogrammetric and digital models of any inspected item. The data is then analyzed by MicroStation, which enabled Seikey to reprocess data originating from ContextCapture for better point cloud data management, mesh generation, and tags creation, in order to represent anomalies or parameters. Bentley Map and Navigator allowed spatial navigation of the same information to view the model and display information regarding queries for anomalies, tags, or other information in stations.

Using drones for data capture enabled Seikey to perform the inspections in just six hours – compared an average of five days – without shutting down the plants. The integrated, 3D real-time modeling approach optimized maintenance and inspection activities, and enhanced signal strength of RBS facilities for more effective phone coverage from the operators. Moreover, integrated reality modeling enabled safer, more precise, and preventative intervention and maintenance of the RBS plants, which improved operational efficiency and reduced costs.

ContextCapture enabled a detailed photogrammetric reconstruction from more than 400 terabytes of data for all the RBS plants. MicroStation, Bentley Map, and Navigator linked associated data and geospatial information to the model. ProjectWise enabled the immediate exchange of large quantities of data and information, speeding up data sharing and alignment of impacted parties.

Project Playbook:
ContextCapture, Bentley Map, Navigator, MicroStation, ProjectWise
  • Seikey performed the station inspections in just six hours – compared to an average of five days per facility – without shutting down the plants by using drones for data capture.
  • ContextCapture took 30 gigabytes of photos for each station to generate accurate models.
  • The 3D real-time modeling approach enabled the company to share real-time, complete information with all stakeholders to optimize maintenance and inspection activities and improve asset outcomes.
  • “ProjectWise made it possible to quickly coordinate the stakeholders, providing telephone network operators with immediate access to up-to-date information and a huge amount of data in the form of detailed, photogrammetric reconstructions generated with ContextCapture. This storage system provides the documentary base intended for continuous asset management.”

    Cristiano De Leonardis CEO and Founder Seikey S.r.l.