• China Railway Engineering Consulting Group Co., Ltd.

    BIM Project for the Beijing-Zhangjiakou High-speed Railway

    Beijing, China

Project Summary

    • China Railway Consulting Group – BIM Project for the Beijing-Zhangjiakou High-speed Railway

In preparing to host the 2022 Winter Olympics, the Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway is being constructed to reduce travel time between the two cities from three hours to 50 minutes. The full length of the main line is approximately 170 kilometers, featuring 71 subgrade sections, 64 bridges, 10 tunnels, and 10 stations, including China’s largest underground excavation station. China Railway Engineering Consulting Group Co., Ltd. (CEC) is responsible for preliminary and detailed design and construction drawings. With 23 engineering disciplines facing complex environmental conditions and complicated architectural structures, the company required integrated design applications to deliver the CNY 53.5 billion project.

CEC implemented a 3D BIM strategy using MicroStation®, OpenRoads, and OpenBuildings™ Designer for collaborative design, model review, collision detection, and construction simulation. Using Bentley’s open, Connected Data Environment (CDE) based on ProjectWise® enabled the team to access and share information across multiple disciplines. Bentley’s integrated applications facilitated parametric modeling and coordinated design, enabling the project team to overcome the geological and structural challenges on the world’s first high-speed railway designed for sandy, stormy, alpine-cold terrain, with a design speed of 350 kilometers per hour.

Working in the (CDE) optimized information exchange among the multiple disciplines, enabling real-time access to data, streamlining workflows, reducing rework, and improving efficiency. Bentley’s integrated BIM applications saved three months in design time and CNY 3 million in labor costs, while reducing environmental impact. Leveraging the software to develop a standardized library of components accelerated multidiscipline modeling. The collaborative 3D BIM process centralized data management and design content to improve design quality and accuracy, and establish a BIM application for future high-speed railway projects in China.

CEC used ProjectWise to establish a collaborative platform to unify data for the 56 design sections with varying specifications, and optimize coordination among the 23 engineering disciplines. The team imported high-speed rail specifications into OpenRoads to assist designers in determining compliant design elements and establishing a standard basis for design. MicroStation and OpenBuildings Designer enabled CEC to establish a full component library and perform parametric modeling, which accelerated the design process. The image rendering capabilities of LumenRT facilitated railway landscape design and enhanced client communication and review.

Project Playbook: LumenRT, MicroStation, OpenBuildings Designer, OpenRail, OpenRail Connected Data Environment, OpenRoads, ProjectWise

  • CEC pioneered a comprehensive 3D BIM strategy in the China railway industry to coordinate 23 design disciplines and overcome geological and structural challenges delivering the Beijing-Zhangjiakou High-speed Railway.
  • Using OpenRoads in combination with Bentley’s integrated modeling applications and ProjectWise, CEC established an open, connected data environment to streamline workflows and reduce rework, saving CNY 3 million.
  • The software facilitated development of a standard component library to optimize and accelerate multidiscipline modeling.
  • Bentley’s collaborative design solution improved efficiencies to reduce overall design time by three months.
  • “The Beijing-Zhangjiakou intercity railway is of great guiding significance to other BIM projects in the railway industry’s future. By using Bentley’s technology, China Railway Engineering Consulting Group is working toward realizing intelligent construction, equipment, and operation and is the start of a new era for the world’s intelligent railway.”

    Zhang Zhongliang Director of BIM China Railway Engineering Consulting Group Co., Ltd.