• Oman Gas Company S.A.O.C.

    Asset Performance Solution for Reliability Management

    Al-Khuwair, Muscat, Oman

Project Summary

    • Oman Gas Company SAOC – Asset Performance Solution for Reliability Management

The principal gas transportation company in the Sultanate of Oman, Oman Gas Company S.A.O.C. (OGC) transmits and distributes gas to 4.4 million of the Sultanate population and most of the area’s key industrial sectors. The company initiated a reliability and integrity program to ensure predictable and consistent production of its product. OGC also sought to automate and digitalize the system to reduce human intervention and fault analysis and improve resource effectiveness. With assets widely spread across the country, OGC needed a single common platform for reliability, integrity management, inspection data management and asset maintenance.

OGC used AssetWise Asset Reliability to digitalize, automate, and compile all reliability and integrity analysis and inspection data management into one connected data environment integrated to SAP Enterprise Asset Management system for work execution. With the help of consulting firm, Advisian, OGC implemented AssetWise to digitalize and support their advancing processes and practices to maximize asset value and maintain safe, secure, and reliable operations. OGC also leveraged the Association for Asset Management Professional’s (AMP) Certified Reliability Leader (CRL) training and Uptime Elements Framework to help with reliability cultural awareness.

The team was able to increase reliability performance by 9 percent using AssetWise Asset Reliability, resulting in significant cost savings. Having a digital, automated asset framework to manage asset reliability and integrity eliminated human fault analysis, improved resource effectiveness, and facilitated a proactive approach to asset maintenance. The successful implementation of Bentley’s software reduced the number of breakdowns at the company’s facilities, optimizing reliable gas availability to OGC customers.

The software is used to conduct risk-based and safety integrity analyses and reliability centered maintenance. Mobile devices are then used to conduct the recommended inspections as well as for routine operator rounds. The system consolidates and analyzes all inspection and condition monitoring data from manual and IoT sources, providing visibility into current state and condition degradation trends. The team gains actionable insights from the automated system and built-in calculations, allowing for the most timely and accurate decisions to be made towards proactive asset management. OGC also performs bad actor and root cause analyses with AssetWise, and the organization implements the recommendations to continuously improve equipment reliability.

Project Playbook:
AssetWise Asset Reliability
  • OGC leveraged inherent features of AssetWise to implement a digitalized, automated framework for its reliability and integrity program.
  • Implementing AssetWise to provide a connected data environment and establish digital workflows reduced failures and improved reliability performance by 9 percent.
  • Using handheld devices, OGC integrated first line maintenance activities with AssetWise to ensure compliance by trending operating parameters and tracking key performance indicators.
  • The successful implementation of Bentley’s technology transformed asset management and maintenance from a reactive to a reliability centered approach, resulting in significant economic gains.
  • “The auto-alert and email notification features of Bentley’s AssetWise Asset Reliability are enabling us to improve our reliability growth at a significant rate of about 9 percent in a year.”

    Fahmi Reza Head of Reliability and Condition Monitoring Oman Gas Company, S.A.O.C.