• Toshiba Transmission and Distribution Systems Asia Sdn. Bhd.

    Integration of SCADA System with Electrical Panels for Brunei National Control Center


Project Summary


The Brunei Department of Electricity Services (DES) contracted Toshiba Transmission and Distribution Systems Asia to implement a USD 23 million supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system in the national power grid to improve reliability of the nation’s power supply. Toshiba provided equipment, engineering, and technical services associated with manufacturing and integrating the remote terminal unit (RTU) electrical panels. Faced with a large volume of RTU panels to design within a tight timeframe, and manual processes prone to high error rates, the team required electrical design technology to streamline workflows, improve quality, and expedite delivery.


Toshiba used Promis.e to automate previously manual tasks, including wire numbering, cable schedules, and bills of material (BOM), improving efficiency and accuracy while accelerating design time. Using Bentley’s electrical design application, the team developed a standard library of components and customized report templates to optimize design and meet production requirements. The software facilitated intelligent modeling, which automated cross-referencing and error checking, and it digitalized electrical schematic drawings to simplify design verification. Bentley’s Navigator software application provided 3D visualization for clash analysis.


Toshiba completed eight 11-kilovolt substation designs for the SCADA system in one day using Promis.e; traditional CAD software previously created five substation designs in two days. Bentley’s electrical design solution cut design time by almost 50 percent and saved an estimated USD 12,000 on the resource-hour rate. The automated features in Promis.e reduced errors and enhanced design consistency, shortening the entire engineering stage of the project. The newly implemented SCADA system improved power reliability for the client, decreasing the annual average interruption duration index from 167 times to 80 times over a two-year period.


The automated wire numbering and cable schedule generation features in Promis.e enhanced wire length accuracy, minimizing the amount of copper wire needed, saving costs and eliminating waste. With one click, Bentley’s electrical design application generates accurate bills of material. Promis.e automatically performs cross referencing in real time as drawings are being created to optimize and expedite design verification. Integrating Navigator and iModels eliminated clashes within the panels and facilitated coordination throughout design, production, and management.

Project Playbook: Bentley Substation, MicroStation, NavigatorPromis.e

  • Toshiba used Promis.e to automate previously manual tasks designing and manufacturing electrical panels for the SCADA system at Brunei National Control Center.
  • Bentley’s electrical design application standardized processes, streamlined workflows, and simplified design and drawing production, reducing errors and ensuring design consistency.
  • The new digitalized SCADA system decreased annual power outages lasting more than one hour by 28 percent.
  • “The first phase of the project using Conventional CAD software took a huge amount of time to deliver the design drawings and documentations. In the second phase the design was created with Promis.e where reports and schematics were automatically generated, reducing design time up to 60 percent and providing more accurate, consistent, and intelligent drawings [and] models.”

    Kah Mun Fong Assistant Manager Toshiba Transmission and Distribution Systems Asia Sdn. Bhd.