• China Nuclear Industry 24 Construction Co., Ltd.

    Shandong Haiyang Nuclear Power Plant

    Yantai, Shandong, China

Project Summary

    • China Nuclear Industry 24 Construction Co., Ltd. – Shandong Haiyang Nuclear Power Plant – Yantai, Shandong Province, China


The 45.6-gigawatt Shandong Haiyang nuclear power plant in the village of Shaojiazhuang, near Haiyang, China, is one of the largest nuclear power plants in the country. China Nuclear Industry 24 Construction (CNI 24) was responsible for constructing the CNY 40 billion plant, which included an AP1000 nuclear reactor. However, the advanced technology made the lengthy construction process difficult for CNI 24, as clashes emerged during construction and installation. CNI 24 first used CAD techniques in the plant’s design, but as time went on, CNI 24 needed more robust methodologies that would help them shorten construction phases, improve design quality, and reduce costs.


When CNI 24 was not able to solve the design challenges with other software, the organization implemented a building information modeling (BIM) methodology. Further, the organization established an open, connected data environment, which helped standardized all data sources and enabled collaboration among designers. Within this environment, design teams translated 2D construction drawings into 3D models, and established a database of part designs that they incorporated into a federated digital twin. CNI 24 then created a 4D construction model to optimize the build schedule and help eliminate conflicts that would have resulted in costly rework.


Using iModels throughout the construction process, CNI 24 integrated BIM design information into modeling and construction, meeting the strict technical requirements for the AP1000 reactor. The organization created plug-ins that automatically extracted and arranged design elements, improving efficiency by 87%, compared to manual data entry. 3D modeling boosted overall design efficiency by 29%, lowered costs, and improved the design of the power plant. Additionally, the organization shortened construction time of the plant’s dome by 26 days. During the design and construction process, CNI 24 developed a series of design standards and manuals that are now used to promote BIM methodology on future nuclear power plant projects.


ProjectWise allowed CNI 24 to establish an internet-based connected data environment that improved communication, enhanced data accuracy, and boosted work efficiency. With ProStructures, the design team developed a civil engineering model and created an accurate bill of materials. ProConcrete helped the design team model concrete structures and the dense network of rebar needed for the AP1000 reactor. ProSteel allowed CNI 24 to design a steel structure that met strict technical requirements, as well as determine how to best transport and assemble materials. Navigator enabled the team to detect and resolve clashes, create a digital twin, and optimize the construction schedule.

Project Playbook: Navigator, OpenBuildings Designer, ProjectWise, ProConcrete, ProSteel, ProStructures

  • The CNY 40 billion plant was constructed with complex AP1000 nuclear reactor technology, which made design difficult.
  • 3D modeling boosted design efficiency by 29%, lowered costs, and improved the design of the power plant.
  • By planning and optimizing the construction process during the design phase, CNI 24 reduced construction time of the plant’s dome by 26 days.
  • Integrating BIM methodology with design and construction reduced the overall cost of the project, while a digital twin will be used for full lifecycle management.
  • “Bentley provides integrated solutions that digitized the design and construction process for more than 20,000 tons of rebar and 42,000 cubic meters of concrete, providing an efficient and collaborative working platform for nuclear power construction. Bentley’s solutions provide high-quality and efficient engineering and construction capabilities, and ensure safety during the construction of nuclear facilities.”

    Yong Ye Deputy Director Science and Technology Information Department China Nuclear Industry 24 Construction Co., Ltd.