• CNOOC Energy Development Design and R&D Center

    Digital Twin Project of Immersive Visualization Application of Reality Modeling for FPSO of the Offshore Oil Gathering and Transportation Platform

    South China Sea, Guangdong, China

Project Summary

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Improving China’s Offshore Oil System

Providing engineering design, consultation, and data services for offshore oil systems, CNOOC saw the need to improve the operating efficiency of approximately 200 oil rigs and 18 FPSO platforms in the offshore area of China, removing bottlenecks confronting the shipbuilding and offshore mining industries. They piloted a project for one of the FPSO facilities in the South China Sea to create a reality mesh and generate a digital twin that integrates indoor and outdoor data to demonstrate the feasibility of digital management for enhanced safety and optimal offshore operations. The CNY 30 million project included modeling eight modules, 39 cabins, over 200 pieces of equipment, and 600 pipelines. Located in the deep sea, the large-scale project presented environmental challenges around data collection to develop an accurate model and establish an intelligent information management system.

A Demand for Interoperable Reality Modeling Technology

In addition to issues encountered when making routine departures from land to the platform, the project team was confronted with strong magnetic and oceanic interference with data collection equipment. To address these conditions, they had to rely on a variety of means to collect data, ranging from optics and lasers to thermal infrared devices. However, they found it difficult to integrate this multisource data to create a data information system and a high-precision 3D reality mesh. The team used numerous traditional engineering applications to perform reverse modeling; however, they proved ineffective, making them realize the demand for comprehensive, interoperable survey and reality modeling technology.

Integrated Applications Provide a 3D Digital Solution

CNOOC selected ContextCapture to process the multisource data into an accurate 3D reality model of the existing conditions and FPSO infrastructure. They used Descartes to refine the captured real-scene data and Pointools to manage and incorporate 653 gigabytes of point cloud data. Integrating OpenPlant and OpenCities Planner, they developed a web-based GIS platform for intelligent information management. Bentley’s collaborative digital solution provided a breakthrough integrating multiple core data capture technologies, including 325 videos, 7,498 images, and 844 point clouds. Using the software, they established a unified engineering environment and standard database for the development of smart FPSO operations and management.

Digitalization Drives Intelligent Processes

Using Bentley’s reality modeling and open 3D modeling applications, CNOOC generated the reality mesh of the facility within 150 days, compared to years if using conventional methods, saving tens of millions of yuan. By digitalizing previous manual processes and relying on the 3D reality mesh, they greatly reduced the number of survey and assessment trips out to sea, reducing transportation costs by CNY 1 million in the short term, expected to reach CNY 10 million in the long term. The 3D reality model of the FPSO platform establishes a solid foundation in industrialization, and virtual and mixed reality, effectively promoting the integration and innovation of digital twin technology. CNOOC plans to connect the model to the Bentley iTwin platform and establish an intelligent digital twin, automating control of operations and maintenance of the offshore oil platform.

Project Playbook: ContextCapture, ContextCapture Insights, Descartes, OpenCities Planner, OpenPlant, Pointools

  • CNOOC relied on Bentley’s open 3D and reality modeling applications to generate a 3D reality mesh and digital twin of an FPSO oil platform in the South China Sea.
  • Bentley’s integrated digital solution is expected to save up to CNY 10 million in long-term transportation costs.
  • The project provides a solid foundation for the application of smart technology, driving intelligent operations of the offshore oil industry.
  • “Bentley’s ContextCapture software enabled the rapid processing and fusion of multisource data, making reality modeling of indoor and outdoor integration for high-density assets and related facilities possible.”

    Shi Baoshan Senior Engineer CNOOC Energy Development Design and R&D Center