• GHD, Inc.

    Ordot Dump Closure

    Ordot, Guam

Project Summary


When Guam’s 70-year-old Ordot Dump was found in violation of the Clean Water Act due to an overflow of polluted leachate into the Lonfit River, GHD was retained to manage the closure of the island’s primary landfill for industrial and municipal waste. The USD 42 million project required GHD to work with the contractor and stakeholders across 10 time zones to cap the dump and create a proper disposal system in a highly sensitive location amid stormy weather conditions imposing construction delays. GHD needed collaborative software to streamline workflows and proactively manage project costs to keep the closure on schedule and ensure environmental compliance.


GHD used EADOC to store and manage all contractor-related data. Using Bentley’s construction management system, GHD alleviated unnecessary contractor change requests and negotiated a creative solution providing relief for the contractor due to extraordinary weather circumstances, while still meeting the project deadline and satisfying the project owner. EADOC provided a cloud-based interface facilitating real-time collaboration and accelerating information sharing among the widely geographically dispersed project team and stakeholders.


Bentley’s collaborative construction management software enabled GHD to save over USD 340,000 in change order costs. Relying on data stored in EADOC, GHD successfully negotiated a mutually agreed upon 107-day extension between the owner and contractor, based on bad weather conditions, while keeping the project on task, resulting in significant environmental improvement. Using EADOC as the central location for all documents optimized information mobility, saving time and enhancing productivity. GHD estimated that EADOC reduced time processing submittals and RFIs by approximately 800 resource hours.


EADOC provided GHD 24/7 access to manage enormous amounts of project data, including onsite weather station logs, aerial drone photography, and contractor daily reports. Based on the meticulous records developed and maintained in EADOC, GHD was able to fairly evaluate the contractor’s multiple bad weather claims, as well as demonstrate to the contractor the need to implement proper stormwater control to reduce the leachate generation and realize profit on the project. The cloud-based construction management system streamlined project workflow and communication among internationally dispersed team members and stakeholders.

EADOC is now named ProjectWise Construction Management. Learn More

  • GHD used EADOC to cap Guam’s Ordot Dump and create a system that collects leachate and landfill gas for proper disposal in accordance with the Clean Water Act.
  • The cloud-based construction management system facilitated document control and accelerated accurate information sharing, optimizing decision making to save costs and keep the project on schedule despite imposing weather conditions.
  • Using EADOC, GHD proficiently managed and monitored environmental controls, work progress, costs, and time impact to deliver a project that allowed eight million gallons of polluted leachate to be transported within a 14-month time period from the Ordot Dump to a proper treatment plant.
  • “EADOC provided us a broad collaborative solution for a complex project with multiple stakeholders spread across 10 time zones, and has won us over as our go-to construction management system.”

    Paul K. Baron Construction Manager/Principal GHD, Inc.