• Henning Larsen Architects

    Crystal Towers

    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Project Summary

The USD 151 million project required Henning Larsen to design two towers, 18 and 26 stories, located between the financial center and a verdant pedestrian thoroughfare. Housing 93,000-square-meters of office and retail space, the buildings will be oriented to create a visual link between the two elements, be connected by a dramatic skywalk, and offer shaded outdoor meeting areas. To optimize sustainability, accommodate site and environmental constraints, communicate among multiple disciplines worldwide, and deliver world-class structures on a tight schedule, Henning Larsen needed flexible, integrated information modeling software.

Bentley Architecture (now AECOsim Building Designer) and MicroStation enabled the project team to attribute sustainable requirements to building objects while maintaining high quality and consistency throughout every project stage, from original sketches to detailed designs. To meet the fast-track schedule, Henning Larsen used Bentley’s 3D design tools to communicate and collaborate with more than 200 professionals from multiple disciplines worldwide. Bentley’s integrated software accelerated accurate information sharing throughout design and construction allowing Henning Larsen to design the towers to achieve LEED certification.

Using Bentley BIM software, Henning Larsen optimized design concepts, easily monitored building quality, costs, and materials, and enabled the team to quickly and effectively achieve sustainability goals. The interoperability of Bentley products allowed the project team to share files from different software with multiple firms of varying disciplines, enhancing communication and collaboration, and ensuring timely delivery. The 3D BIM design models improved decision-making processes resulting in significant time savings.

Henning Larsen relied on Bentley Architecture (now AECOsim Building Designer) to support its commitment to sustainable urban development. The team used the software to design the tower’s recessed, scaled, crystalline apertures that optimize views of the plaza and landscaping, while shielding the interior from the intense sunlight. Bentley software enabled Henning Larsen to optimize building proportions to lower ambient air temperature around the towers by six to eight degrees Celsius.
  • The flexibility and interoperability of Bentley BIM software enabled more than 200 professionals from multiple disciplines in five countries to effectively communicate and meet aggressive deadlines with a world-class, sustainable deliverable.
  • The integrated, 3D modeling enhanced decision-making processes, saving time, and allowing the team to quickly and effectively achieve sustainability goals.
  • Henning Larsen relied on Bentley software to produce optimal green design concepts for the USD 151 million Crystal Towers, designed to achieve LEED-certified architecture.
  • “Across disciplines, different companies were working with different software. Bentley software gave us a high degree of certainty that we were delivering high-quality, coordinated project material. The combination of our considerable experience in the use of Bentley software and our knowledge of design checking assured precise delivery.”

    Birte Baek CAD manager and 3D specialist Henning Larsen Architects