• Shawmut Design and Construction

    Dudley Square Municipal Building

    Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Project Summary

The USD 90 million project in Boston, Massachusetts required demolition of existing buildings, preservation and integration of three historic façades, coordination among two architectural teams and dozens of subcontractors, and production of more than six construction-document release packages. These design, engineering, and construction challenges, coupled with an aggressive delivery schedule, required Shawmut Design and Construction to implement a proactive design approach to resolve constructability issues in real-time.

Shawmut employed an aggressive modeling approach and progressive agenda for information management to ensure a collaborative working environment that enabled the construction management team to provide insight into design decisions prior to subcontractor buyout. Using Bentley modeling and collaboration software, Shawmut modeled key project elements and streamlined the review process. The interoperability of Bentley solutions enhanced information sharing among the teams, condensed the shop drawing review period, and allowed for more accurate forecasting.

Working in a collaborative, real-time environment allowed for a more comprehensive design process. Using Bentley software to implement Shawmut’s design methodology reduced rework and kept the project on the shortest path to delivery. By proactively intervening in the interface between design and implementation, Shawmut helped reduce review times and better sequence the movement of materials to the project site, mitigating the disruption of loading multiple times. All project information will ultimately be turned over to the client.

Shawmut used Bentley Navigator to compile detailed design and constructability models and ProjectWise to share information in bi-directional formats, enabling the design and construction teams to coordinate efforts and facilitate a cohesive project approach. Integrating ProjectWise clash resolution with Bentley Navigator provided more accurate models and allowed the construction team insight into potential issues, reducing risk, and saving time and money, by avoiding onsite errors.
  • Integrating Bentley solutions, Shawmut created a collaborative modeling approach to design and build a complex structure on an historic urban site, on the shortest path to delivery.
  • Bentley software provided an interoperable and integrated platform facilitating access to real-time information and data, enabling construction and design teams to operate cohesively, saving critical time and mitigating risk.
  • Proactively intervening in the interface between design and implementation reduced review times and rework on this USD 90 million project vital to the growth of the city of Boston.