• Shibanee and Kamal Architects

    Bhau Institute of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership

    Pune, Maharashtra, India

Project Summary

The Bhau Institute of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership on the campus of the College of Engineering in Pune, Maharashtra, India, was designed to nurture innovation, encourage entrepreneurship, and develop leadership. For this INR 60 million project, Shibanee and Kamal Architects created a pleasingly unconventional design that visually blends with the institute’s 160-year old campus.

The building’s bi-directionally curved walls presented a challenge for the structural engineers to design and analyze. STAAD.Pro enabled precise analysis, visualization, and evaluation of the curved walls as gravity and seismic load-bearing elements. Preserving a protected tamarind tree amid the circular building was a prime focus. Even the steel bridge connecting two ends of the building was precisely aligned to avoid trimming limbs.

Considering the curved walls as a load-bearing element substantially reduced the cost of the project. The resulting circular shape of the building has been described as an “architectural wonder,” while also providing major cost benefits.

STAAD.Pro proved to be versatile software for modeling the unique structures. Plate elements were used to model curved walls and slabs, and columns with large cross-sections. The analysis accurately simulated structural behavior under various load combinations and modes. The Bentley software accommodated a large number of revisions in a short period of time during the design development stage.
  • 3D visualization, flexible structural analysis, and reliable results delivered by STAAD.Pro produced major cost benefits.
  • Design analysis proved a conventional design alternative to be less economical and aesthetic than the unconventional structure ultimately chosen.
  • The circular building plan saved the tamarind tree, using innovative bi-directionally curved walls to support slabs and beam, which in turn support the walls.
  • “Our engineers have mastered the art of modeling any complicated structure in STAAD.Pro. In this building, the main challenge before us was to employ the curved walls to support the slabs, and exploit their in-plane strength to resist seismic shears effectively. We could achieve whatever architects wanted and imagined.”

    Prakash Channappagoudar Senior Vice President, Structural Design Shibanee and Kamal Architects