• Stanley Beaman & Sears

    Nemours Children’s Hospital

    Orlando, Florida, United States

Project Summary

The USD 240 million Nemours Children’s Hospital project required Stanley Beaman & Sears (Stanley) to coordinate programmatic elements, building systems, security, and structural components, ensure separate mechanical systems for inpatient and outpatient sides, and provide thermal comfort with access to natural light. To integrate the design team, meet the complex engineering challenges, ensure adherence to Florida health-care design codes, and sustainably mitigate the hot, humid climate to achieve LEED Gold certification, Stanley relied on the interoperability and flexibility of Bentley’s BIM software.

Using Bentley Architecture, Stanley imported system layouts from engineers using various software platforms and created sectional views from the combined model to demonstrate the separation of isolated ductwork to the local Florida health-care authority. Stanley relied on Bentley software to determine the best building orientation and optimal configuration for sun shading to conserve energy, regulate temperature, and maintain outside views. Bentley BIM tools provided flexible, integrated modeling to resolve the complex engineering, regulatory and environmental project challenges.

Using Bentley’s dynamic modeling software significantly reduced the number of drawings necessary to communicate the design intent, enhancing project collaboration, preventing misinterpretations, and unnecessary meetings. Working in an integrated modeling environment improved the quality and effectiveness of Stanley’s documentation process, minimizing coordination errors and mitigating risk. Stanley leveraged these efficiencies realized through the interoperability of Bentley software to minimize time and expenditures, saving considerable costs on a project tracked for LEED Gold certification.

The flexibility and interoperability of Bentley software enabled Stanley to provide an integrated mechanical and architectural model demonstrating separation of isolated ductwork to meet regulatory design codes. The engineers relied on Bentley BIM to perform energy calculations and solar studies to achieve sustainable solutions for energy conservation and temperature regulation. Bentley Architecture allowed Stanley to integrate REVIT structural models through i-model formats into a collaborative model for a coordinated design process.
  • Combining inpatient and outpatient child care into a single, energy-efficient facility brings a high level of comprehensive pediatric health care to residents of Central Florida.
  • Bentley BIM accelerated information sharing and enhanced Stanley’s documentation process facilitating a collaborative, sustainable design approach on a LEED Gold certification project.
  • The interoperability of Bentley software provided Stanley an integrated modeling environment to address complex engineering, regulatory, and environmental challenges designing Florida’s USD 240 million Nemours Children’s Hospital.