• Bentley i-models

    i-models share BIM information

i-model Software Development Kit

i models are containers for information exchange between applications participating in infrastructure design, construction, or operational deliverables workflows. i-models can contain detailed 3D graphics along with graphically indexed attribution and business data. i-models are designed to be portable, secure, and immutable. I-models are self-describing, and do not need the source application to accurately display graphics or embedded attribution. i-models retain their provenance, when and by whom they were created.  

The i-model SDK has both a managed and native environment:

  • The i-model Managed Write Only SDK (.Net) is used to embed the capability within an application to produce i-models that can interoperate with specific Bentley applications.

  • The i-model Managed Read/Write SDK (.Net) is used to build applications that write and read i-models with both graphical and business information.  Use this SDK to support such workflows as visualization or cost analysis. 

  • The i-model Native and Managed SDK (.Net and C++) permits you to use C++ to extend the capabilities of the Managed APIs.  

Use the i-model SDKs to customize deliverables exchange workflows.  If you are a vendor who wishes to interoperate with Bentley applications, we encourage you to contact us to discuss your use case and requirements.

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