• Linear Road Network Management

    Manage and maintain your road network

Linear Road Network Management Solution

Manage your transportation network infrastructure and all associated information, including assets and linear events, providing linear network management, linear referencing, and decision support for a reliable source of truth for your road network and assets. 

Bentley’s Linear Road Network Management linear referencing (LRS) solution delivers spatially-enabled network editing plus powerful dynamic segmentation capabilities that support owner-operators in addressing the complex and diverse needs of managing linear assets across their life. You can take advantage of a business data-driven approach rather than depending on GIS spatial geometries to improve business outcomes. Maintain an accurate network model against which asset information can be located, reported, and displayed across your enterprise.

Automatically maintain location information as network changes occur with a single integrated approach to network and location management. The solution's single point of data entry reduces the risk associated with updating multiple data types for an asset independently. Changes made to the network automatically update any associated asset or event location information. This approach ensures that all associated network location information remains consistent throughout the lifecycle of the road.

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  • Locate and manage asset information

    • Manage spatial and logical data in an integrated environment. Locate and manage road asset information through a single process while ensuring that both business and spatial data remain consistent.
  • Manage complex road network requirements

    • Manage road network centerlines and linear offsets while tracking the lifecycle of changes made with revision history. Create and update the network spatially to reflect the ongoing changes that occur during construction, improvement, and maintenance.
  • Streamline data analysis and reporting

    • Perform complex analysis and spatial reporting without having to rely on GIS or IT resources to collect, consolidate, and analyze the condition, performance, and operating characteristics of the roadway or highway.
  • Utilize multiple linear referencing methods

    • Leverage multiple linear referencing methods (LRMs) to support different network types and linear referencing methodologies. Create conceptual networks with many physical representations and then apply the same business data to the network.
Simplify reporting, regardless of LRS or asset management system

Overcome the challenges of producing HPMS, ARNOLD, MIRE, and ADA reports

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AssetWise for Roads and Bridges
AssetWise for Roads and Bridges Brochure

Improve Accessibility, Quality, Integrity, and Relevance of your Road and Bridge Information

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